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rosehip interview

Following the release of Bloom from his upcoming Odyssey EP, set for release on Friday September 15, 2023, London-based producer Rosehip unveils the final track to be taken from the EP. Painting a vibrant summer-infused soundscape, “Nectar” featuring Hungarian-born, London-based singer-songwriter Thpcmkr is out now.

We caught up with Rosehip to learn more about about “Nectar” came about, more details on the upcoming EP and loads more.

Aditya – Hello, we’re glad to have you for this interview. How was the first quarter of this year for you?

Rosehip – Hello, glad to be a part of it too! So far this year has been full of work. Whilst that sounds a bit dull, it’s all in preparation of an exciting summer touring in my campervan. I’m hoping to go make some music and content inspired by the beautiful places I visit. First on the list is Norway this August!

Aditya – Could you elaborate on the creative process that led to the captivating composition of ‘Nectar’ from your upcoming EP?

Rosehip – Nectar started out life as an instrumental demo I made in the summer of 2020. It always had warm captivating summer-inspired elements such as the initial chord progression but I knew it needed a vocal line to really take it to the next level. Fast forward 2 years, after chatting with singer-songwriter Thpcmkr about all things music, I sent him this demo to see if it got any ideas going. What he sent back was nothing short of magnificent, capturing the essence of my instrumental with his catchy, audacious vocal line. From this, Nectar as we know it was born, releasing on all streaming services on Friday 19th May.

Aditya – The track seamlessly transitions from delicate, atmospheric pads to a lively, up-tempo pop beat with mesmerizing vocals. Was the same consciously produced?

Rosehip – Yes, absolutely. Nectar is all about that late-summer high feeling, a mix of relaxed satisfaction and euphoric energy and colour. For me, that is what this song encapsulates.

Aditya – The intro of ‘Nectar’ features lush pads and chords. Could you share some insights into the techniques or approaches you utilized to achieve such a rich and immersive sound?

Rosehip – Serum is my go-to synth for emotive atmospheric pads. To take it to the next level though, I layer up multiple patches to create the lush immersive feeling you talk about. Also, by adding nature sounds in the background it all helps to paint the picture of this summer-inspired story.

Aditya – With ‘Awake’ nearing 10 million streams, could you provide some insight into what contributed to the track’s remarkable success and popularity?

Rosehip – I feel like one of best things about Awake is the hook. The vocal sample from an interview with Bill Withers followed by the mysterious and captivating electric piano riff creates a mood and feeling that forces you to listen on.

Aditya – Could you share more information about your upcoming EP ‘Odyssey’

Rosehip – Odyssey is a compelling 5-track EP inspired by summer. It evokes feelings, from outright ecstasy to deep reflection to romantic musings – a musical narration on the experiences and meditations of one of the most euphoric times of year.

Aditya – What initially sparked your interest in music, and what factors influenced your decision to pursue a career in this captivating field?

Rosehip – I’ve loved playing and listening to music from an early age. When I started producing I found the level of flexibility and control one has over the composition, timbre, atmosphere and engineering fascinating. From this, a life-long special interest was born!

Aditya – Within your music production journey, how does Rosehip play a significant role? We’re curious to know the origins of the name and the personal significance it holds for you.

Rosehip – After releasing music for 3 or so years under my real name, Rosehip provided an opportunity to rebrand and create a deeper artistic identity. I saw it written on a bottle of Rosehip oil one day and knew it was a perfect fit for the type of music I wanted to make moving forward; full of catchy hooks, sweet harmonies and natural influences.

Aditya – As a music producer, what is your ultimate goal when it comes to creating and sharing your music with others? What do you hope listeners take away from your work?

Rosehip – I just want to have fun creating music. If other people get something out of it as well that’s a wonderful bonus, but ultimately my goal is to express myself and enjoy doing so.

Aditya – Lastly, who’s your favorite football player and why?

Rosehip – Probably Bukayo Saka. Such a young and talented player with an immense amount of maturity. It’s always impressive to see players overcome the immense stresses and pressures of the game.


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