T.H.E Interview – Ryan Crane

ryan crane interview

Multi-disciplinary artist Ryan Crane introduces his latest EP and NFT project titled ‘SCIENCE FICTION WORLDS’.

Following impressive releases that build a sonic and visual landscape of its own and proving his name as one of the most innovative acts in the Electronic music world.

His continuous work toward developing new skills and learning new tricks has taken him far, releasing time and time again, remarkable music and projects that integrate his vision and talent into outstanding productions for the ages.

Now, we invited Ryan Crane to share with us the process behind ‘SCIENCE FICTION WORLDS’.

T.H.E – Hello Ryan Crane, how are you?

Ryan Crane – Hey, I’m doing great. Hope you are as well!

T.H.E – Your new album, ‘Science Fiction Worlds’ is out now, what inspired you to produce this album?

Ryan Crane – Yes, very happy to have this project released. The album was produced as a kind of score for the visual work I had been completing in parallel.

T.H.E – How did the idea of making it a NFT project as well come about?

Ryan Crane – It was really a continuing effort to connect my visual art and music. Not too dissimilar from VIBES, where the album was paired with a collection of large scale mixed media paintings on canvas. The VIBES project was a gallery installation and again a merger of my visual work and music. Similarly, ‘Science Fiction Worlds’ was made for an ongoing publication on the blockchain. The album is a musical backdrop meant to accompany that digital art.

T.H.E – Did the album have any music or sonic influences?

Ryan Crane – Great question, and absolutely! I wanted to produce a project that contained layers. Emotion, nostalgia, along with current musical aesthetics. Something that could stand alone and be played at the house or wherever, but when paired with the visual work added some extra dimension.

T.H.E – Did you experiment with new sounds, effects or plugins while producing the album?

Ryan Crane – That’s a yes yes and yes HAHA! Always learning and adding new tools.

T.H.E – What kind of struggles did you have to overcome while working on ‘Science Fiction Worlds’?

Ryan Crane – That’s a really good question, thank you. So, staying creative and productive. Making sure to get into the studio and work. Some days you get something good, other days you don’t, but staying focused on the end goal and continuing to use time wisely. Knowing when to stop for the day or walk away for a bit, and the opposite knowing when to keep pushing because something cool is happening.

T.H.E – How does this release differ from your previous work?

Ryan Crane – Also a great question, thanks. I think the obvious combination of new technologies to deploy the project is quite different. Also, continued growth. Continuing to learn and grow as an artist obviously creates some separation from previous work.

T.H.E – Can you describe the album using 3 words?

Ryan Crane – Colorful, Nostalgic, Journey.

T.H.E – What would you like to achieve with this album?

Ryan Crane – The goal with the album was to create a musical backdrop or score for the accompanying visual work.

T.H.E – What’s coming up for Ryan Crane?

Ryan Crane – Staying busy into the new year! Super excited for my new single to be released on December 2nd called BEAM.


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