Sam Kallan: Merging Metal And Rap With A Cinematic Twist

sam kallan interview

Emerging from the intense and eclectic world of music, Sam Kallan has carved a niche that merges the raw energy of metal with the rhythmic complexity of rap.

His latest single, “Slittin’ Throats,” offers a dark, visceral exploration of dealing with negativity and stress, drawing heavily on the dramatic visuals and themes of horror films. Kallan describes the inspiration behind the track as rooted in “the frustration you feel when dealing with negativity or stress,” amplified through a horror film lens to give it a stark, memorable edge.

Sam Kallan’s journey through the music industry received a significant boost after finishing as a runner-up in Audacy’s We Can Survive 2023. This achievement not only marked a milestone in his career but also deepened his connection with his fanbase. “Knowing that everyday people, and of course my supporters, believe in me and my art brings me more drive and motivation,” Kallan reflects on the impact of this recognition.

The challenge of blending metal and rap is one that Kallan navigates with careful consideration, aiming to balance the two genres so that neither overshadows the other. His music is influenced by giants like Slipknot, Three 6 Mafia, and Linkin Park, each contributing to the energy and ethos of his work. He points to specific tracks that resonate with his artistic vision, including “Sic” by Slipknot, “Talk Ya Ass Off” by Three 6 Mafia, and “Lying From You” by Linkin Park, as key inspirations.

Kallan’s creative process is deeply cinematic, employing elements of horror and suspense to craft a sound that is as compelling visually as it is audibly. “I try to use cinematic elements in my music mainly revolve around building tension and delivering an explosive hook similar to a jump scare in a horror movie,” he explains. This approach is enhanced by his use of eerie background vocals and dissonant instrumentals, creating an immersive atmosphere that draws listeners into a vivid narrative.

His lyrics often explore themes of resilience and overcoming adversity, with Kallan expressing a particular connection to the lines, “I used to question, ‘What’s the purpose?’ Now I think I learned my lesson, I know I cannot be nervous and I’m never second guessing.” These words encapsulate his journey of self-discovery and empowerment, themes that resonate strongly with his audience.

Looking ahead, Kallan is enthusiastic about his upcoming projects, promising that his next releases will be “fun, catchy, full of energy and of course crazy as usual.” While he remains tight-lipped about specific details, the anticipation among his fans is palpable.

Adding to the excitement, Sam Kallan is set to open for MAYDAY in Sacramento on June 26th, an event that promises to showcase his dynamic performance style and innovative musical fusion. As he continues to push the boundaries of genre and expression, Sam Kallan remains a vibrant and evolving presence in the music world, eagerly embracing the next stages of his artistic journey.

sam kallan interview


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