T.H.E Interview – Sasha Lopez


Sasha Lopez on his new single – The Blame set to drop Friday, 5th April, and how it all started off for him.

T.H.E – Hey Sasha! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. Let’s jump straight in with your brand new single ‘The Blame’. How long has the record been in the making?

Sasha Lopez – Thanks for having me. It took me half an hour to make it. It started with an idea and inspiration to take whatever influences I had and make them meld together into that unique sound. But I had to wait for so long to release this one. I was listening to it again and again, on headphones, in my car, trying to figure out what was missing. When I heard Dharia’s voice I felt that I found that missing piece of the puzzle, she brought the feelings, emotions, and passion, that I hope will be taken in by the listener.

T.H.E – Talk us a little through your history, what was your debut track & what year was it released?

Sasha Lopez – Even if I started my DJ career since I was 17, my debut single as Sasha Lopez was “Madam”, which I released in 2010 featuring Anda Adam. My second single, “All My People”, became the most popular Romanian song at the end of 2011, according to Mediaforest Romania, and shortly it has become number one in over 20 countries in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and Asia. Life afterward was much faster than I was accustomed to. There were so many “firsts”. The first tour, the first 20k festivals, winning gold disc award in Japan and Canada. I spend my life on a fast track, where everything was instantaneous and exiting.

But, it also helped me to truly find myself and get clear on what my vision/sound would be, so the long-winded process ultimately had a huge impact on the upcoming songs I prepared. Now I know exactly how I want my sound to be.

T.H.E – ‘The Blame’ also has an accompanying video, where was this shot & were you involved in the process?

Sasha Lopez – “The blame”, it’s a powerful song about disappointment and somehow looking forward to a new love after going through a breakup. During this transition period we all need to get lost, and NY it’s the perfect spot to get lost. So the video is about two main characters, one of them is me, who are searching for each other, but if you want to find out if they finally met, you’ll have to watch the video.

What’s the scene like in your homeland, Bucharest right now?

Sasha Lopez – Bucharest is a fertile ground for the music scene, taking into consideration that it gained a reputation as one of the indisputable party capitals of Eastern Europe. If I had to describe the music scene in Bucharest, it would be two words, diversity and quality. Bucharest is restless but still, there is nothing forced about it, just the music that brings all these people together.

T.H.E – As an artist, how has your production process and the way that you approach music evolved over time?

Sasha Lopez – My mind is always on the move while mixing: I’m always thinking, and pushing things, and trying new records. I just feel that technology is moving the past and present closer together so history might be repeating itself in a way, so I want to make timeless music. Hunger for innovation runs deep in my veins. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring different paths in my career, but I know for sure that I want to spread my dance-oriented roots, and to add that special sounds in it. I just want to make sure that I’m doing something creatively fulfilling, maybe more clubbing oriented and less commercial sometimes.

T.H.E – Lastly, turning our attention to your plans for the rest of 2019, what has you most excited for the year ahead?

Sasha Lopez – Right now, I’m at a stage in my career where I’m able to try new things. The most exciting thing is being able to put them all on my plate and seeing how much I can finish. There are so many opportunities and places to go right now and I’m looking forward to every one of them.

I rarely plan my sets, I put together a rough tracklist that’s in keeping with the night I’m going to play but that’s as far as it goes. Playing off the cuff is a lot more thrilling. The same it’s with the music I will release this year, no planning, no schedule, just go with the flow, to make it fresh and unique. I will play with different styles so make sure to follow along on my Instagram, because I’ll be releasing lots of new music soon!

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