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Showtek sat down with us right before their Mysteryland 2019 set, and spoke about their remix for Major Lazer’s “Can’t Take It From Me”, and their plans for the rest of the year.

Showtek interview by Elsi Mink for T.H.E - Music Essentials
Showtek Interview by Elsi Mink for T.H.E – Music Essentials

Elsi – Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! Let’s jump straight into things! How well prepared are you guys for this set as you’ve been traveling all over the world?

Wouter – It’s funny, we have a playlist that we put together, but then this morning I woke up pretty funny. Like sometimes my mood is like, I feel a bit techier or whatever. And then I want to change the playlist a little bit. I also don’t know what to expect here. Like I know MysteryLand two years ago we played a very energetic set, so it depends a little bit on the crowd’s energy and then after one or two songs I usually get a feeling like, okay, I’m going to play this kind of stuff. And we obviously have our own records, we just had a release with Steve Aoki, called “Rave” and some other new stuff that we’re releasing.

Sjoerd – It’s funny you know, last week we played in The Gallery in London and it’s such a different crowd. So we played a more like progressive long set and that was a totally different set than the show before. So you never really know, you just got to feel the crowd and like what my brothers just said have few songs you want to play and just see where it leads too.

Wouter – Yeah, and Sjoerd MC’s and sometimes I just put in random songs and he’s like, hey, what is this?? And I just go…I felt like it.

Elsi – Ok, so you already have the new collab with Steve Aoki, any new tracks you’re ready to throw into the playlist?

Wouter – We have a new track with Gammer and I’m definitely going to play it in the end, it’s a little harder. We released a bunch of songs, one’s called “Listen to your Momma” definitely going to put that in as well.

Then we have a lot of stuff, like more stuff in the making and our idea is to release music every four weeks because we have so much, we stacked up a bunch of releases, really crazy. Yeah.

Elsi – You were also telling us that you played Mysteryland before, how many times have you played here?

Sjoerd – Oh, well, including our previous career…

Wouter – Ah the hardstyle!

Sjoerd – This might’ve been our fifth or sixth time?

Wouter – Yeah five, six times maybe and the last year was in 2017. It’s such a legendary festival!

Elsi – We also really love your remix with Major Lazer “Can’t take it from me”! You guys must have been pretty excited when they asked you to remix it?

Sjoerd – Yeah, well we’re pretty close with Diplo, we’ve worked together  and we’ve done a record with them two years ago called “Believe” and we’ve worked in the studio a couple of times in LA and I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he’s doing at the moment, Diplo and Major Lazer as well of course. He reached out to us and said he needed a bit more festival vibe, but we didn’t really want to do that typical thing. So we still kept it a little like pop or not pop, reggae like poppy?

Wouter – Swaggy reggae?

Sjoerd – With a little EDM touch but it’s not typical like too hard I think. It’s a nice new kind of like EDM Reggae in my opinion.

Elsi – You know he’s closing at the big top so you guys can go see his set!

Wouter – We brought our mom and two sisters and we’re going out for dinner afterward. The summer is hectic enough so we’re just going to go eat somewhere.

Elsi – The summer is coming to an end, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

Sjoerd – We have a really cool weekend coming up in South Korea coming up and also in Brazil. So we have two big festivals which are part of a summer tour and when that ends we can take it easy a little. We’re also working towards ADE as we have our first label night with our label called “Skink” records. We have a lot of talent on the label that we want to offer a platform too. So not just the label but also be a physical platform. We’ve got artists like Bassjackers, Sydney Samson and Brooks playing as well. It’s going to be a fun night out and we look forward to it and what I said before, a lot of songs in the making. Also a lot of crossover songs that need a little more work because it’s not about the drop because it’s a real song, so it needs a little more work. We’ve got some really cool ones in the making and in the next three, four months we can finish them and then we have a lot of music by the end of the year and new year!

Elsi – Thank you very much for the interview!

Showtek – You’re welcome!

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