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spencer brown interview

18 months after the release of his debut LP, ‘Illusion Of Perfection’, San Francisco’s prolific Spencer Brown released his new mix album on Anjunabeats: ‘Stream of Consciousness’.

We caught up with Spencer to understand what inspired his new album, his plans for 2020 and more.

Shivani – Hey Spencer! It’s great to be speaking to you! Firstly, congratulations on the release of “Stream Of Consciousness”! How has the response to the album been over the past few days? Are you happy with how it’s being received?

Spencer Brown – Thank you for having me! I’m blown away by the feedback. I’m so happy it’s resonating with so many people. I made it from my heart.

Shivani – Your second album in the running, what was the idea behind “Stream Of Consciousness”? And what inspired the name and the artwork of the album?

Spencer Brown – I took experiences from my life—anywhere from a beautiful view to working out problems in my relationship—and bundled it into a continuous mix. It’s a reflection of what’s going on in my life. I’m fascinated by consciousness and flowstate, so everything seemed to fit. The artwork was a photo taken by my buddy from Sweden named Daniel Larsson—it fit the mood perfectly when I first saw it!

Shivani – What was the idea behind releasing the album as a mix album instead of a regular single track format one? How challenging was it to craft this mix to flow like a journey yet ensure that each individual track stood out distinctly?

Spencer Brown – I’ve never been a fan of pumping out radio-edited singles. I prefer to create larger bodies of work, more like a full dining experience rather than simply a main course. It’s extremely difficult to craft a mix like this because there cannot be key clashing, vibe clashing, and the whole body must slowly progress. The song selection came quite naturally over the course of the couple years I was working on the album, but the mixing took many months of unbelievably hard work every day.

Shivani – The mix took 329 revisions to finalise? How did you finally perfect the mix? What is your process normally like?

Spencer Brown – For many months, I would export the current mix, take notes on what needed to be changed, change it, and repeat. It was an absolutely grueling process listening to the same thing over and over and over. When the changes were getting so minute like fixing a little click or turning a hi-hat down 0.5 db, I began to lose my sanity. I wanted to be finished, but I knew the final mix had to be perfect. One day, there were no more changes I had to make, and it was final!

Shivani – You will also be embarking on your biggest North American tour to date! Congratulations for it and we wish you the very best for it! What excites you the most about it? And which cities are you most excited to cover?

Spencer Brown – Thank you very much! I absolutely love playing club tours—I can reach deeper into my discography and unreleased tracks. Longer sets allow for me to tell a story over the course of the night, building energy as the night goes on, and morphing the vibe with contrasts. I grew up DJing very long sets as a kid, so I feel that same excitement today that I did over a decade ago. I never plan sets, so reading the room is critical for my sets. All cities have something special to offer, no matter how big or small! I’m just grateful to share my passion with so many music lovers around the world.

Shivani – From the last time you came to India, I remember you having brought your father along who also danced and participated with the Anjuna family and the community at the shows. Will your father be joining you on the North America tour as well? What was one of your best experiences while on tour with him?

Spencer Brown – He will not be joining me on the North American tour, but he will come to certain gigs for sure! My dad had been to India many times for work before, so he knew the country well. It was so nice to share the tour experience with him! I found it hilarious when a bunch of fans were asking for pictures with my dad after the show.

Shivani – You’ve actively supported the LGBTQ community and have been very open about being a role model for those struggling to find their identity. Has your music been instrumental as well in reaching out to those looking to find their identity? Have fans reached out to you with some inspiring stories to share?

Spencer Brown – Definitely. I love dance music because you can be who you are without the fear of judgment. It’s a place to be free and share a common experience with other music lovers. All dance floors of mine are a safe space. I’ve had many fans sharing stories about the topic—I’m so grateful to help them with my music.

Shivani – How does 2020 look like for you?

Spencer Brown – Lots of touring, lots of fun, and lots of new music! I wake up every day so thankful to travel the world to play my music.

Shivani Murthy


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