In Conversation: Stephani B on Reinventing ‘From Paris To Berlin

Stephani B interview

Stephani B, a rising star in the electronic dance music scene, has officially launched her solo production career with an exhilarating remake of the classic track, “From Paris To Berlin”, out on Perfect Havoc.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beloved original, Stephani breathes new life into the song with a modern twist that’s both upbeat and distinctly her own.

“I just loved this track growing up, it was one to listen to on car journeys!” Stephani exclaimed. Driven by nostalgia and her creative vision, she added, “With it being 20 years since the original came out, I wanted to do a fresh and more up-beat version with a totally new production. I decided to give my version a kind of opposite spin to the original with having a softer lead vocal—which is actually my voice—and a heavier production.”

Not only does the new version feature Stephani’s vocals, but it also incorporates live drums, enriching the track with her unique signature as a DJ-drummer. Originally intended as a social media edit and a potential addition to her live sets, the project exceeded her expectations, compelling her to release it officially.

Balancing her dual talents in the studio, Stephani shared her methodical approach, “I usually get a track structure laid down first before bringing my drum pad in. Once I’ve got the basics down, I then add all the percussive elements on top using my drum pad to add a live flare.”

The personal significance of “From Paris To Berlin” isn’t lost on Stephani. Reflecting on the emotional connection she has with the track, she noted, “It feels great! I loved re-producing this record and it’s great to have a version in my own style.”

As festival season approaches, Stephani is eager to see how her rendition will resonate with audiences. “I will be dropping this record at all my gigs this summer and I can’t wait! It’s a great energetic track to get people moving and I hope they all love a fresh version of it.”

Producing the track wasn’t without its challenges, particularly when it came to recording her own vocals. “The hardest part was definitely handling the vocals. Although I can sing, it was very tricky to get the exact effect I wanted for this record; it was definitely one that took a few takes,” she admitted.

Influenced by iconic acts like Disclosure, Sheila E, and Avicii, Stephani has been inspired to push the boundaries of traditional DJing by integrating live drumming into her performances. Her journey has been one of continuous evolution, blending her love for classic electronic dance music with her skills as a drummer to create a dynamic live experience.

Looking ahead, Stephani is excited about her future projects, including collaborations with notable artists and producers. “I’ve just got back from a week writing camp in London on a boat with some amazing writers and producers; we’ve worked on some great tracks.”

For Stephani B, her ambition is clear—to leave a lasting legacy in the music industry as a pioneering female drummer in the DJ world and to inspire others with her innovative approach to music and performance.

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