T.H.E Interview – Subfiltronik

subfiltronik interview

Subfiltronik on how he started making riddim beats, why he likes Dubstep and more.

Subfiltronik Interview

Aditya – How and when did you start making riddim beats?

Subfiltronik – I started making Dubstep, grime and garage in 2003 but didn’t really take it serious until 2007 and worked up to my first release in 2009. The music I listened to was dark and minimal as I didn’t look at main stream music back then. What really got me into dubstep was when I listened to a track called 3kout Lane by Jakes & Joker the dark elements and the creative use of pitch manipulation was just crazy to me and how they set there fx and samples in a way that I wanted to do the same. For me the sound stemmed from grime and uk bassline or ‘niche’.

Aditya – What’s your favorite thing about dubstep as a genre?

Subfiltronik – My favourite thing about dubstep is going out and preforming in front of a crowd something about it that gets me hyped up but I would say also that production also gets me hyped.

Aditya – What was it like working with Aweminus for your collaborative track ‘Subminus’?

Subfiltronik – Working with Aweminus was an honour and so much fun, I would say to anyone who works with him is in for a treat. Working on subminus was good but was a long process in terms of resampling audio and making the track as whole sound pleasing to the listener.

Aditya – What’s the dubstep scene like in the United Kingdom right now?

Subfiltronik – I really could tell you as main stream drum and bass has really taken over and not many nights go on for dubstep. There was only one that I knew that been on recently but more close to the old style of dubstep which I knew back in 2011 like coki & mala’s deep dubstep.

Aditya – What was the production process like for your 2021 tune ‘Vendetta’?

Subfiltronik – Making vendetta was different to all my projects I have made before, I tried resampling audio through different daws like fl studio stretching the bass sounds using fruity granulizer and putting it into reason for more post processing. For the switch I Brought back an old bass I haven’t used in a while and changed the movement towards the bridge. So I would say I went and added old and new elements to my track.

Aditya – You’ve released on some renowned imprints over the years like Disciple, Borgore’s Buygore Records, Never Say Die, and Circus to name a few — what does it feel like to have recognition and support from some of the biggest names in the industry?

Subfiltronik – Having being able to release on these labels was an honour in its self but it didn’t come that easy, I would say when it comes to hard work you will get rewarded in the end. The feeling of getting recognised and getting support from my fans, friends, family and big artistes around the world has been something to me that I take dear to my heart, it motivates me to do better each time I make a track.

Aditya – If you could perform any of your songs anywhere in the world, what would it be, where would it be, and why?

Subfiltronik – If I played ‘PSYCHO BLOCKZ or either ’SUBMINUS’ at Lost Lands or EDC festival I would be happy. Well I would like to say I would like to preform at EDC Festival, Lost Lands, Bassrush & Rampage.

Aditya – What’s a piece of advice you would give to up-and-coming dubstep talent?

Subfiltronik – The advice I would give is to keep consist with your craft and to try release on different labels to build your music catalogue, getting on radio is one way to your sound to be heard, it will help you in the long run never give up.

Aditya – Where do you see your unique signature sound progressing over the course of the next 5 years?

Subfiltronik – To be honest I couldn’t tell you, my sound always changing and evolving all the time, I could be making a grime intro or transition into something dark and melodic.

Aditya – Are there any upcoming plans or music in the works you’d like to share?

Subfiltronik – Yes but at the moment I got nothing to share, I would like to complete things before I present them to the world but in due time everyone will know.


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