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sultan and shepard

During ADE 2019, I caught up with Sultan & Shepard and we had a chat about their new double album – Echoes Of Life (DAY + NIGHT) of which DAY was released on November 1st, and the second half – NIGHT will be released on the 8th of November!

Elsi – Welcome guys! As you just said, having a good ADE so far?

Shepard – Yeah! Doing a lot of stuff, running around a lot.

Elsi – So you guys have been together since 2002. That’s when you sent in your first demo right?

Shepard – We met in 2002, yeah and we put our first record out in 2004.

Elsi – Okay, so that’s quite a long time to be a duo. What’s your secret?

Sultan – Be good friends, be honest, if something’s bothering you, talk to the person and be nice to the people around you!

Elsi – Solid advice! And you also have two albums out this month. Which one’s first?

Shepard – Well, the album is a double album called “Echoes of life” and the first part is called “Day” and the second one is “Night” and they’re coming out a week apart. I thought it’d be fun.

Elsi – So was it made as one album and then you decided to split them?

Sultan – It’s really two different albums.

Elsi – Ok, so each has its own style to match the “Day” and “Night” theme?

Sultan – The first is “Day” and is more radio, vocal kind of tracks, stuff you can listen too. “Night” is more deep and progressive and just a different direction, that kind of stuff.

Elsi – And are you going to be going on tour with it?

Sultan – We’re not doing a live show, but we are definitely going to be moving into a cool concept for the tour. We’re working on that right now, we’re excited!

Elsi – And will you be previewing some of your work tonight during the set? A bit of both albums?

Shepard – Little bit of both sides, yes!

Elsi – Can you already share some track names?

Sultan – No, not yet. Well, there’s a track called “Then came you” which we’ll play tonight. That’s a good one.

Elsi – And once the albums are out, do you have any further plans for this year?

Sultan – We have a couple of remixes coming out later on, but our main focus has just been putting all our energy into this album and getting it out there. We did a movie trailer to pretty much highlight the album and promote it. Rather than doing your traditional, you know, we’re bringing out an album, we did a full movie trailer that highlights some of the songs of the album.

Elsi – Sounds really good! And yeah, so tonight you guys are going to be pushing some of the tracks from the new album. Is there anything else we have to watch out for during this set, anything special?

Shepard – Well, I mean, yeah, there’s some special edits and special versions of our songs and some unreleased tracks from the album.

Elsi – Are you guys going to be collaborating with anyone specific next year or do you have any plans on that front?

Sultan – We’re always looking to collab with people. On our album this year we have collabs with Tritonal and Showtek, they’re good friends of ours. But yeah, nothing particularly planned yet.

Shepard – We’re going to do a remix for ARTY which is cool. We just talked about it while we’re here, so that’s exciting!

Elsi – So ADE has been providing those kinds of opportunities then?

Shepard – Yeah, you run into people and it’s like, hey, let’s do it!

Elsi – Have you bumped into any people you didn’t expect during ADE?

Shepard – Yeah, our old friend Behrouz! He’s a really great DJ and just a good guy. It’s nice to see him yet.

Elsi – It’s always really great with ADE when you’re just walking down the streets and you will bump into the most random people. And when are you guys going back?

Sultan – Tomorrow!

Elsi – Okay, so one last night. Are you guys going to do any specific party tonight or just go to bed?

Sultan & Shepard – No, no parties, just bed!!

Elsi – Ok, Well thanks very much for your time! I hope you have fun we’ll definitely be checking out the new albums!

Sultan & Shepard – Thank you.

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