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super disco club

Andy Van channels his love of timeless disco with some modernist house influences with his new project Super Disco Club, a partnership with his wife, the singer-songwriter Cassie Van.

The duo recently released their debut track ‘We Are One’, which is out now via Vicious.

We caught up with Super Disco Club to learn more about “We Are One” came about.

Pavan – Welcome to T.H.E – Interviews, Andy and Cassie, we’re glad to be conversing with you. To start off with, tell us what inspired you guys to create the Super Disco Club project?

Super Disco Club – We’ve both loved disco for a long time, we both grew up with disco being played by our parents. In my previous artist project Madison Avenue I used a lot of disco and funky samples and had great success with that – especially with ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’. Cass and I had never collaborated on disco tracks and really wanted to. So a few years back we started working on track ideas. We came up with some really strong demos, so we knew we were onto something good.

Pavan – How has been working together with each other on creating music? 

Super Disco Club – It’s actually been really great, as previously mentioned we really love disco and Cass works on vocal ideas, toplines and hooks, and I produce the musical bed. We both then collaborate on the artwork and visual concepts for each release.

Pavan – Your new track “We Are One” is now out, how did this track happen? Do you have an interesting story for us?

Super Disco Club – Well funny story, the first album I ever bought was a Lime album, and on there is a classic early 80s disco track called “Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight”, with a really catchy synth hook. We both loved it & built a whole new track around it. Cass wrote some strong vocals about clubbers and club music, and then  we got a diva singer from Los Angeles to deliver the vocals.

Pavan – How different is the music we’ll hear from Super Disco Club as compared to your individual works? 

Super Disco Club – We’ve had various projects before and I  think with Super Disco Club we are aiming for an uplifting disco inspired journey with strong hooks & references to disco and italo disco from late 70s to early 80s.

Pavan – How has the past year been for the two of you personally and in terms of music-making? 

Super Disco Club – Well Melbourne had two lockdowns, one was for almost six months, which i believe was one of the strictest & longest in the world at the time. However, we live in a  really great city and worked our way through it. Cass and I used that time to work on 27 tracks and bootlegs ideas, and also of course spend time with our two kids. It was tough but also super creative.

Pavan – What do you have in store for the rest of the year? 

Super Disco Club – We have a whole bunch of tracks we are now finishing up and already have our next two releases after ‘We Are One’ scheduled with Vicious Recordings for release. We are super excited to be getting them out for the world to hear. Our next release is called Happiness, so keep an ear out for it.

Follow the duo on Tiktok and Linktree.

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