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Finnish duo Super8 & Tab are iconic in the trance circuit.

May it come to their productions or their live sets, they have always been known for the wonderful work they put out. This year, instead of releasing a yearly compilation or brand new album, they came up with the concept of something absolutely new.

Combining the best of classics, new work, moderately old and fresh reworks, they worked up a compilation. Aptly titled, “Past, Present, and Future”, the album takes you on a journey that trance as a genre, on the whole, has been through. We had the opportunity to sit down with these wonderful gentlemen to discuss all things trance, “Past, Present & Future”, and a lot more!

Shivani – Hi Miika and Janne! It’s great to be speaking to you guys! Firstly, congratulations on releasing “Present, Past, and Future”. What has the experience been like, working on it?

Super8 & Tab – It was a lot of fun and also an emotional trip going through old tracks and figure out who we would like to remix them. Helsinki Scorchin’, in particular, we thought we need to remix ourselves as there have been several remixes over the years from other artists, but not a single from us.

Shivani – What was the idea behind “Present, Past, and Future”? What inspired the compilation?

Super8 & Tab – It is a little bit over a year since we released our latest artist album Reformation and it felt too soon to do another one so we thought, let’s do something fun. Let’s play around with the idea of how a ‘Past, Present and Future’ theme would sound through our ears.

10 months ago we released the ‘Reformation’ album so we thought it’s now a good time to release something which reflects our live shows.

We loved the idea of mixing old tracks, currently relevant tracks, and new age tracks as well.

Shivani – How did the process of the track selection for this compilation take place? And were there any tracks that you’ll wanted to include and didn’t make the cut?

Super8 & Tab – The compilation takes you on a journey through tracks that hit the charts in the early ’90s, the 2000s, and the current millennial phase.

Shivani – And since you have seen the scene evolve, what do you think is a major change from the old styles and now? In your words, how would you describe the progression of the scene?

Super8 & Tab – Everything has become so much faster. A good example is Helsinki Scorchin’. The original is somewhere around the 9 and half minutes’ mark while the new version is about half of that. Back in the day, we played like 8-9 tracks in an hour. Now we play around 17 tracks in an hour. But still good music is as good as it has always been and we feel trance has evolved nicely and kept it’s magic very well during the years.

Shivani – We also see you working with Izzy Warner for “Lungs”. What was the foundation behind the track and how was working with Izzy like?

Super8 & Tab – So Lungs is our new single on Armind and the second cut from our Past, Present & Future compilation. We had already come up with the main synth riff sometime ago and we thought it was pretty cool. When we were working with songwriters Izzy Warner and Sarah DeCourcy, we played this idea for them and they loved it. So we wrote and recorded those cool vocals of Izzy on top of our track. It was a super easy and fun session with them.

Shivani – Which is one evergreen classic that has been impactful to you and will always be your go-to tune? And why would you pick that tune?

Super8 & Tab – Binary Finary, the Paul Van Dyk Remix is something so magical that unfortunately, nothing can beat this track. It’s almost impossible to re-create that feel but Mark Sixma did an amazing job with his remix.

Shivani – We also saw your tour schedule. You will be covering almost all the areas from across the world. What places are you’ll looking forward to catch?

Super8 & Tab – We’ve been touring the world so many years that many of the big cities have become familiar to us, but there are still few countries we really would love to visit. Hopefully, this tour takes us to Japan.

Shivani – If you could play a B2B set with any old school producer and a new age producer, whom two would you pick and why?

Super8 & Tab – We would love to do a back to back with Armin for 6 hours. From new guys, we would love to B2B with new Finnish talent Avenia. He is going to be big!

Shivani – Can we expect a sequel to the album?

Super8 & Tab – You said it. Let’s do it. But yeah speaking seriously that was our intent from the start. We have so much history and we are so creative with new music so it feels quite natural to keep going with PPF.

Shivani – What does the rest of 2019 look like for you’ll?

Super8 & Tab – A lot of touring with PPF. Perhaps start to write a new artist album and also we are going to release lots of new music in between. There are a couple of interesting collaborations in the works and one with Khomha which is already planned to come out later this spring.

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