T.H.E Interview – Teamworx

teamworx interview

For every avid electronic dance music fan, there will always be an intense desire to make their passion a reality, but only few can succeed.

Both in their late-twenties and united by their passion of house music that consumed their teenage years, Israel-based duo Teamworx certainly fit the bill for success.

We caught up with the duo, and spoke to them about 2019, collaborations with Nicky Romero & Thomas Gold and loads more.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How have you been?

Teamworx – We are doing amazing! Working on a lot of new stuff in the studio right now for 2020 and going on tour again at the end of this month in Asia.

T.H.E – 2019 has been pretty massive for you! What are some of your top highlights this year?

Teamworx – It’s been an amazing year indeed. In terms of music we’ve released our second collaboration with Nicky Romero ‘Deep Dark Jungle’ aswell as with Dannic ‘Bump N’ Roll’ on Fonk/Spinnin’ and both of these tracks have been our ‘highlights’ tracks this year so far, and ofcourse our other releases which are doing great at the moment! From shows perspective we’ve had the privilege the perform at Ultra Korea mainstage, Ushuaia Ibiza, to tour in Asia, do club shows in Europe and we’re starting our residency in new club in Cyprus next month which is our first residency outside our country – a big things for us!

T.H.E – Some pretty amazing collaborations for you have taken place, like the one with Nicky Romero, and there’s one with Thomas Gold. How do you go about choosing whom to collaborate with?

Teamworx – With Nicky for example it started back then with ‘Champion Sound’. We’re talking with him often and exchange ideas on Whatsapp, we aimed to have another collaboration this year and we just wanted to find the perfect idea for it, so after a while ‘Deep Dark Jungle’ was the right idea to collaborate on and the rest is history! With Thomas for example it was more of a link as we both liked each other’s music. Sometimes we’re just hitting artists that we love to collaborate with on socials and vice versa, so as long as there’s a positive and good intention to collaborate between 2 artists – the sky is the limit 🙂

T.H.E – How did the collaboration with Thomas – We Remember, come about? Are there any fun anecdotes to share, from the studio?

Teamworx – With Thomas it’s quite an interesting story. We’ve always been fans of his music and apparently he loves our style too, so Protocol’s A&R decided to link between both of us. This year we performed together at Medusa Festival in Spain so we met before the show and talked how we want to get this collaboration going and when we returned to the studio we geared up and found the perfect idea, and from there the finish line was very short!

T.H.E – 2019 was big for you on the touring front as well. How did your fans react when you played this live?

The reaction of the track was insane. The crowd really loved it and we felt something special when we played it, super proud of this record. Also we’re getting lots of DJ supports on this one.

T.H.E – Any memorable performances you would like to call out?

Teamworx – Ultra Korea was amazing aswell as Ushuaia in Ibiza, playing on the mainstage was fun and performing for the first time in Ushuaia was a huge milestone for us as we’ve been there at the crowd year back and to get the chance to play our music to the crowd there was a major privilege for us.


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