T.H.E Interview – The BreakBomb Project

the breakbomb project interview

17-year-old Brandon Greenstein began producing music for The BreakBomb Project in July 2018.

We caught up with him and spoke to him about the group, their new single “Sippin” that is already swarming clubs around the world, and more.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How’s it going, and what have you been upto?

The BreakBomb Project – Thanks guys for doing an interview with me. Super exciting to finally have a new song out and glad to answer these questions.

T.H.E – Tell us a bit about how the group came together, and what kind of sounds do you guys focus on?

The BreakBomb Project – The Project really started when I was sixteen-years-old in 2018. I decided to move on from slower, more alternative electronic music under my personal Spotify and Apple Music accounts. I’ve always loved the idea of producing creating shows similar to artists like Illenium and Said the Sky, but it took a turn and I began to produce deep house tracks. I then put out my first album at the beginning of 2019 with a combination of music I love to make with house tracks. My plan is to continue to try to find a good middle ground between the melodic/alternative electronic music and deep house music.

T.H.E – How did the name – “The BreakBomb Project” come about?

The BreakBomb Project – The name “The BreakBomb Project” came from an app years ago, before I even thought of producing. When I was younger, I always loved DJing and when I didn’t have the equipment, I would use apps that allowed me to mix tracks on my phone. When I needed a name to create an account for one of the apps, it randomly-generated “BreakBomb.” I was a fan of an alternative producer named EDEN, who formally went by The EDEN Project. I just replaced EDEN with BreakBomb and the name was made. I was maybe ten or eleven-years-old when this was made, and now I am seventeen under the same name.

T.H.E – Which artists are you constantly inspired by in terms of production?

The BreakBomb Project – Surprisingly, I don’t listen to a lot of EDM. When I do, It’s common people like Madeon, Avicii, Alan Walker, Gryffin, etc. These artists are the most influential in my recently released music. But my favorite music is alternative pop. I love AJR, Jon Bellion, Twenty One Pilots, Judah, and the Lion, etc. There’s also a lot of times where I listen to very cinematic or atmospheric types of music. M83 and Bon Iver are great examples of that. Another hobby of mine is video making, and I enjoy cinematic videography, which ties into that type of music.

T.H.E – We love your new single that came out last week. How did it come about, and how long was it in the works?

The BreakBomb Project – My new track “Sippin'” was first started in May of 2019, where I just started with a basic house kick and snare. I had very little experience in music theory at the time, so I did not know where to take this track. I was playing with a bass patch on the Moog Grandmother, an analog synth, and just messed around. I found a melody with just a basic D minor chord, which ended up being the main lead of the track. Once that was made, everything else came pretty easy. I had a basic, half-finished track that I liked, but it needed some final touches and a good mix/master. Producer Vinny Vibe took the track and worked with another producer Lodato to finalized “Sippin'” and got it to the place it is now. It took about 5 months to complete from the beginning of the release.

T.H.E – Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of 2019 in terms of production or touring?

The BreakBomb Project – For the rest of 2019, I plan on building my knowledge of producing and music theory to further improve my records. Like I said earlier, I hope to maybe create a new type of music that takes what I love to listen to and combine it with what I tend to produce. I’m excited to finally have a new song out and hopefully, I can get more out before the year ends.

Thank you again T.H.E for the interview!


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