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Big Gigantic, whose blend of mind-­‐bending beats, thunderous bass and frenetic melodies has developed a rabid following since forming in 2008, have quickly become one of the most celebrated acts in live music.

With only a few days to go before Big Gigantic bring their high energy set to the debut edition of Mad Decent Block Party, India produced by Sunburn Festival and Oji, we speak to the duo about their thoughts on being a part of #MDBPIndia alongside Diplo and what can fans expect from their set. Read our chat below! :)

Shantanu – Hi Dominic and Jeremy, thanks for taking the time to do this interview!

Big Gigantic – You got it!

Shantanu – We are super stoked to have the opportunity to witness your set during #MDBPIndia! What are your thoughts on the Mad Decent Block Party concept?

Big Gigantic – We love the concept and have been part of quite a few MDBP since Diplo started these things several years ago.

Shantanu – How did it feel to be a part of the debut #MDBPIndia edition?

Big Gigantic – Oh wow we are SO EXCITED to come to India and play. It’s an honor really and we’re excited to share our music and our live show experience with you guys!!

Shantanu – What are your expectations from this India experience? Apart from the gigs, what would you like to see in India?

Big Gigantic – No expectations really, we know the whole experience itself is going to be incredible and apart from the shows, we would like to see as much of India as I can especially since we live so far away from u all!

Shantanu – What can Indian fans expect from the Big Gigantic set at MDBP? Do you have any messages for your fans in India?

Big Gigantic – We play a pretty high energy set and at the same time we are jamming on our reactive instruments (sax/drums) the whole set. High energy music that ranges from dance, edm, hip hop and funk. The message for our India fans is that we are just so excited to finally make it out there to play and we can’t wait to see all of you!!

Shantanu – How excited are you to be playing alongside Diplo on this tour? What are your views on him as an artist?

Big Gigantic – It’s always a great time playing any type of show with Diplo. We’ve know him for quite a while now and he always, ALWAYS treats us like family so it’s great to have such an incredible artist who u respect on your team. I think his ability to function inside of any musical situation makes him one of the most unique artists out there and besides that he is just hands down such a great DJ. One of our favorites!!

Shantanu – Any current artists you really enjoy listening to the most?

Big Gigantic – We keep it pretty open and listen to all kinds of music to stay inspired. Everything from Major Lazer to Drake to Kendrick Lamar to D’Angelo to jazz and classical and pop.

Shantanu – Is there a Big Gigantic album in the pipeline? What else should fans be looking forward to from your upcoming releases?

Big Gigantic – YES! We’re working like mad to try to finish this new album as soon as possible! We’re looking to release it in April or May!

Shantanu – Lastly, what would be your top 5 essential tunes of the moment.

Big Gigantic –

Major Lazer – Lean On

Logic – Fade Away

Wafia – Heartburn

Jack U – To U

Louis The Child – It’s Strange

Shantanu – Thanks a ton Guys! See you soon at #MDBPIndia. :)

Big Gigantic – SEE YOU SOON!!

You can get more information on #MDBPIndia right here. This is an opportunity not to be missed. Grab your tickets before its too late! ;)

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