T.H.E Interview – Bono Goldbaum


For more than twelve years now, Bono Goldbaum has continued proven his excellence in various electronic music genres.

He has worked as a DJ & studio producer as well as organizer, manager, label manager, remixer and has been actively live acting around the globe, with others and alone.

Originally known for his deep and intriguing Techno & Tech-House sets, which, to this day, always sticks out as technically excellent, Bono has established himself and always rocked the crowd because of his deep passion for electronic music!

With more than a decade of experience as a DJ, this man knows what he does. And does it with heart and soul, always being a step ahead of the competition…

Next up for Bono on the touring front is India’s most gorgeously situated, eagerly awaited Gourmet World Music Festival – SulaFest 2016!

Check out our interview below where Bono talks about performing at the 9th edition of SulaFest, his inspirations and his views on the mainstream EDM wave.

Khushrav – Hi Bono, I’d first like to start off by asking you how you feel playing an event like Sula Fest here in India.

Bono Goldbaum – I`m very glad to be announced for SulaFest 2016!

Khushrav – As far as electronic music goes, what were your inspirations to get into this genre of music and become a producer?

Bono Goldbaum – My inspiration came when i was a ten year old boy… electronics and also futuristic music. So was very close to venture into a genre of electronic dance music called techno and house.

Khushrav – With over a decade in the industry, how do you feel it has changed over time and what are your thoughts on the mainstream EDM wave?

Bono Goldbaum – I think it’s just a hype. That trends and fades… but I also think it will bring in new talents lead to more events all over the globe.

Khushrav – Any other artists/performers you’re hoping to see live at the festival?

Bono Goldbaum – Of course there are a lot of artists i love and support and want to see, like Florian Kaltstrøm, Just Phil, Tiefschwarz, the Papa … Sven Väth and many many more!

Khushrav – Do you have any messages for your fans in India?

Bono Goldbaum – Can’t wait to come back for my third tour to India, especially to SULAFEST! ♥

Khushrav – Thanks a ton! Looking forward to seeing you live at the festival. :)

For more information on the festival, visit the official FB event page.

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