T.H.E Interview – Chicane


Nicholas Bracegirdle, better known as Chicane has decided to celebrate his twenty phenomenal years in the music industry by releasing a new album called “Twenty”. The album consists of a few tracks which are timeless classics and a few of his more recent remixes. Hits include Offshore (Thomas Datt Remix). We managed to catch up with Nicholas and speak to him about this album, and his thoughts on celebrating 20 years in the industry. Read our chat below!

Rasalika – Celebrating 20 years in the industry with an album consisting of all your chart topping hits. I believe it’s been a truly incredible journey for you and there’s still a lot more to come. Keeping your sound authentic and being able to adapt to the ever changing music industry, what has kept you motivated throughout the years to not lose traction and continue producing these amazing melodies?

Chicane – Well, I guess its just what I do, I am driven by music that is evocative & makes you feel something special.

This hasn’t lessened over the years if anything got stronger. The longer you do this the more knowledge you accrue & understanding of how music works. What I do best is understand my core values & unique substance, then you just apply a little of what is happening currently, without overdoing it & then you have the keys to longevity.

Rasalika – You have a large number of tracks under your belt, how were you able to choose only 20 to feature on your album?

Chicane – Umm, think there are about 30 actually?  Ha!!!  I did at first think about putting just 20 on the album, but it was just too restrictive. The 20 name just refers to the amount of years we have actually been on the mad mad journey

Rasalika – I’m sure going through all the tracks must have been pretty nostalgic for you. From the first song you produced to where you stand today, how would you say you have evolved as an artist?

Chicane – I’m a pretty difficult bugger at the best of times and so hard to please, this hasn’t changed much. The evolution is in a much more mature approach to the actual writing technique, plus 20 yrs of knowhow goes a long way. In the early days in the studio it was more of a ‘lets see what happens’ in an experimentation type style of working.

Now I tend to know exactly what I’m after & also do more writing in my head, a little like say Beethoven, who was of course deaf. I’m not saying I’m losing my hearing but I can think music if you understand me….

 Rasalika – You have worked with many talented individuals over the years, how do you know who will bring the extra kick a track needs before you deem it ready for the world?

Chicane – Hmm, its very normally a lottery, never really know whats gonna transpire until you get together….  Bit of luck really, Some collabs have been massively difficult to get right, other a walk in the park.

Rasalika – You started producing music from the tender age of 12, aside from your background in classical guitar and the piano what drew you to the electronic scene?

Chicane – Being a dyslexic art college student goes some way…  Its very common for people with this background to go into music. But i was drawn to the early sound of Vangelis & Jarre as it sounded like nothing I had ever heard and felt a total synergy with it & had a confidence that I could make these mad sounds too.

Rasalika – You truly have had a rollercoaster musical career thus far, how does 20 encompass all that is Chicane?

Chicane – It doesn’t, it just sort of provides a snap shot of some of music I have created over a 20yr period. If I actually start to think about 20yrs in a dark room with synths I feel I should have done better & achieved more to be honest, but thats me all over. Never totally happy with things, always changing, moving things, trying to reach an unrealistic goal…. ha!!!

Rasalika – You have also done live performances in the past, how does that differ in comparison to being in a club or festival scenario?

Chicane – There are really two facets to the live experience, one is my long suffering band & true live event. This has been honed over 20yrs and very rewarding when we get it right. But its a very expensive monster to move around the planet in todays cash strapped venues. The other of course is DJing. This in some ways not that taxing after playing live, but is quite liberating and a brilliant way to road test ones productions.

Rasalika – Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and let us in on the journey you’ve taken thus far, we definitely look forward to listening to the album on full volume.


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