T.H.E Interview – Norman Doray


While there’s been a swift revolution in the electronic music scene, French House star Norman Doray’s discography boasts of a rather solid collection of Disco infused, Progressive House music, true to his roots.

Norman’s early exposure to disco and his influences from Daft Punk and Cassius amongst others, have been instrumental in helping him carve out a niche sound of his own, while also being touted as one of France’s finest electronic music exports. With a number of hit singles to his name, Norman’s recent smash hits have propelled him to soaring heights. We caught up with Norman amidst his busy schedule to talk about his new music as well as his much anticipated India Tour!

T.H.E – Hi there, Norman! Thanks for taking time out to chat with us! How has the past year been for you?

Norman Doray – This year has been super good. My track Strong released back in 2014 is still making waves this year and this is awesome. I also had the chance to remix the legend CERRONE, which is a big step in my career. Then back in June, i released the follow up of Strong with my friend Arno Cost, it is called RISING LOVE. Meanwhile all that time in studio, I’m touring the world and discovering new places and new cultures. I love this.

T.H.E – You’ve been pioneering the French House Music scene alongside Arno Cost. How did you two collaborate in your early years in the scene?

Norman Doray – It was easy. We met back in 2005 and we decided to make music together. Since then we wanted to bring something different to the table, and always come with fresh music. Alongside these collaborations, i also have my own releases, my own imprint which is important for an artist i think.

T.H.E – You’ve stated that you were inspired by Daft Punk and Cassius back in the day. Which producer inspires you in the present day, with his/her music?

Norman Doray – Its difficult to pick one producer in particular. But it is true that all these french touch sounds pioneers are my favorite. Right now i love guys like Duke Dumont, Disclosure, Kavinsky etc..

T.H.E – How would you define the Norman Doray sound? What is your go-to choice of gear in the studio in terms of sound design?

Norman Doray – I think my sound is something btw disco/funk, groove vibes and big melodies from progressive. My music can be played in more underground places as well as festivals i think.

T.H.E – Can you tell us more about your ‘Reecords’ property?

Norman Doray – Reecords is my imprint for my radio show mainly. I launched this a year ago, and every months i release a new mix/podcast with the music i like. It can be super deep, super disco but also more clubby. I just want to play the music i like and share it with people. This name is also ready for a future music label. I just wait for the right time to launch it.

T.H.E – You make your much awaited return to India next month. What are your best memories with the country over the years you’ve played here?

Norman Doray – I have so many! India is so special to me. i remember the first time i came in Goa in 2007, for the first SUNBURN edition, where i hang a lot with Axwell, Arno cost and lot of friends. Then we played after party at Cafe Mambo, and the vibe was insane. Probably one of the best to date!

T.H.E – What are your favourite places to visit in India? Any new experiences that you look forward to, which you couldn’t try on your previous visits?

Norman Doray – I love Goa for sure. Long sandy beaches, with cosy bars where you can drink some cocktails. I love it. But i really want to visit the Taj Mahal. Thats on my to do list.

T.H.E – What can fans expect with the Norman Doray x Nikhil Chinapa tour?

Norman Doray – I don’t even what to expect myself. But what i know, is Nik and I are like family. This is gonna be so special for both of us. Expect probably lot of old tracks, gold, btw French touch, deep house, techno. Its gonna be amazing!

T.H.E – What’s next for Norman Doray on the touring front?

Norman Doray – Im just back from Australia. it was so nice to be there, This summer has been crazy! Im going to Paris next week to play there, its been a while, then im flying to Colombia after India, and a lot of shows in Usa. Im excited!

T.H.E – What are your 5 essential tunes at the moment?

Norman Doray – Don’t think i have 5 tracks right now, but my favorite one is probably Calvin Harris; How deep is your love!

T.H.E – Thanks Norman! Looking forward to seeing you on your India tour.

Norman Doray – Thank you!!! See you India

For more information on the Norman Doray X Nikhil Chinapa India tour brought to you by Submerge, click here.