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At 23, Sam Jones is already one of the most in-demand new talents in Trance, with releases on Kearnage Recordings, Damaged Records, Mental Asylum, Black Hole, Armada & More, Sam’s studio output is very high.

This year has already seen Jordan drop multiple crowd-thrilling productions, whip-up Beatport chart-topping remixes and ace one Damaged Records floor-whacker after another. To cross the bridge into 2016, the Liverpudlian luminary showed yet another masterstroke… and its ingenious as it is original.

He enlisted the considerable talents of a pair of fast-tracking spinners, to give the traditional mix-comp format an elegant twist. A past master of the back-2-back dynamic, for the release of ‘Jordan Suckley Presents Damaged Records: Red Alert’, he ported that into two outstanding, experience-capturing mixes/discs. Letting that old DJ chemistry work its magic, Jordan plays track-tennis with the hotter-than-hot psy-trance spinning Liquid Soul and deck-duels with his new Damaged Recordings prodigy, Sam Jones.

We caught up with Sam and spoke to him about how he felt being a part of this legendary compilation! Amidst our discussion, Sam also reveals his musical journey until now and his inspirations. Read our chat below!

Rasalika – Hi Sam! Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. How’s it going?

Sam – Hey, very well thanks!

Rasalika – You’ve been introduced to the world of dance music since the age of 10 and landed your first gig at the tender age of 15, now at the age of 22 you’ve assisted on the mix compilation, Damaged Records – Back 2 Back, with Jordan Suckley and Liquid Soul. This is quite an achievement at such a young age. Where did this passion for music stem from?

Sam – It stemmed from my parents definitely. My Step Dad used to have all old hard house mixes by Lisa Lashes, also mixes from Carl Cox etc so I grew to love it and then just became obsessed with it.

Rasalika – How would you describe the journey from the day you bought your first set of turn tables up until now?

Sam – It has been very enjoyable but as you can imagine in the earlier years of my learning it was frustrating and very testing at times, but that comes with anything. I am extremely happy and grateful with how things have been so far in my career

Rasalika – Who would you say have been your greatest inspiration through this journey and why?

Sam – My main inspiration has been Eddie Halliwell. He’s the only DJ who ever really blew me away and created a huge energy like no other and his technical skill was second to none.

Rasalika – What was it like working with Jordan Suckley and what was your first reaction when he first approached you to work on the compilation with him?

Sam – Yeh it has been amazing working with Jordan. I have learnt a lot from him and we do work well together so it’s always great fun. Yeh I was honoured! Couldn’t believe it when he asked me to do it. I was made up! 🙂

Rasalika – What has been the most difficult part of putting together this compilation?

Sam – I didn’t find any part of it difficult in all honesty. Was all fun.

Rasalika – I’m sure the road to success has been a long one indeed, what can we look forward to in terms of upcoming releases and gigs?

Sam – Music wise I have been working solid recently on a few originals. I have just recently started the follow up to Let Loose, more psy trance coming up from me and some other bits. Gigs wise I am back to Scotland for Euphoric Nights this month, playing for luminosity trance gathering and of course luminosity beach festival. thats all i can reveal for now.

Rasalika – What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Sam – There’s been a lot of things I have been very grateful for to be honest but if I had to select a few it would probably be both times I played in Argentina, getting signed to my management PFA, playing in Australia, Charlie Charlie and Hijacker getting to number 1.

Rasalika – Everyone has a list of things they hope to accomplish, what would you like to still achieve in this industry?

Sam – Maybe start my own label in the future.

Rasalika – Thanks Sam and wish you a very big and successful 2016!

Sam – Thank you, you too! 🙂

Purchase “Jordan Suckley Presents Damaged Records Red Alert, Back To Back Edition” right here.


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