T.H.E Offbeats – Exclusive Chat With Fedde Le Grand


Enjoying artistic freedom afforded only an elite few, Fedde Le Grand is a masterful pioneer of electronica, considered by countless fans and artists as one of the single most defining figures in House music.

Since the Sensation brand first came to life in the Amsterdam Arena on July 1st 2000, over 2 million people across 30 countries have danced, celebrated, and experienced one of the most widely revered events in the world.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Sensation name is still at the forefront of the dance music scene, bigger and stronger than ever, and now celebrating its 15th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Sensation will be returning to Amsterdam Arena with an exclusive one-off edition, Sensation ‘The Legacy’. We had a chance to speak to Fedde about it, read on to know what he had to say! :)

T.H.E – The entire Sensation legacy

Fedde Le Grand – Sensation definitely has got quite some history in its name. Talking about Sensation’s legacy though makes me a bit uncomfortable as well as it almost feels as if talking about the end of something, while I’m pretty sure Sensation will keep on finding ways to grow even when everyone thought there couldn’t be a bigger step. I mean, I can’t wait for the Legacy edition as I’m pretty sure that is going to blow everyone away with it being bigger than ever before….but at the same time I know the guys of Sensation quite well as I played so much of them….and I’m pretty sure they’re already thinking of ways to come back with an ever bigger bang in ’16…but might be getting ahead of things now ;)

T.H.E – How does it feel to be a part of this one-off edition? What was your reaction when you first heard about this?

Fedde Le Grand – Oh gosh yes that definitely is really great. I was really happy when I learned this edition would take place and that I’d been asked to be part of it. I mean I’ve played so many Sensations over the years that it really is an honor and a great feeling to be able to play this super special edition, plus on top, I mean, I can’t even wait myself to see what they’ll be bringing back to the table for this show. I expect nothing less than spectacular!!

T.H.E – You have been a part of the “Sensation” festivals in the past. What are your favourite memories? What is the best part of this festival?

Fedde Le Grand – Might sound a bit cliché but the best part for sure is the thought and message behind the whole concept. I think dance music in whole is all about love, togetherness, bringing down boundaries, but the core message behind Sensation including everyone wearing white, it just for sure brings a whole new dimension to togetherness. While you’re gathering your clothes you might be like ‘oh crap, yes, I need something white’ but when you’re there it just unifies so much, you can really let go and lose sight of all apart from the music, everyone is there with the same thoughts and for the same reasons.

T.H.E – What are you looking forward to the most about this edition? What can we expect from your set?

Fedde Le Grand – I’m looking forward to a few special surprises in my set, I’m actually not too sure if we’re announcing ahead of time, so I think I’ll just cling on to it as a surprise a little longer :) Apart from that I’m preparing to play A LOT of new music. I’m preparing my album which is going really great, I hope to have all finished before hand and have my set be the first ever proper album presentation which would be really cool…but I’m not sure yet if I’ll actually be able to finish up all tracks beforehand. I’m kind of a perfectionist -maybe- and I’ve got a few tracks that I’m in particular so happy about that I for sure won’t play them out until they’re a 100% the way I want them. Either way I have about 5 or so that I’m really sure I’ll be playing, including off course my latest release Cinematic which is one of my personal all-time favorites!!

T.H.E – Top 5 essential tunes of the moment.

Fedde Le Grand –

1) Fedde Le Grand feat. Denny White – Cinematic

2) Eric Prydz – Generate

3) Fedde Le Grand & Michael Calfan feat. Max’C – Feel The Love (Dario Rodriguez remix)

4) Tom Staar – Higher

5) Madonna – Bitch I’m Madonna (Fedde Le Grand remix)

T.H.E – Thanks a ton Fedde! :)

For more information on ‘The Legacy’ edition of Sensation, click here.

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