T.H.E Interview – The Paradise Reals


Matt Jarrett, the man behind The Paradise Reals project speaks to us about his new single, the influence of Detroit techno and more.

T.H.E – Hey Matt! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. Congrats on your The Paradise Reals project & ‘Revolution’, how long has it been in the works?

The Paradise Reals – I’ve been developing ideas and writing for around a year.

T.H.E – It sounds like you’d consider Detroit Techno to be a major influence. Tell us more? 

The Paradise Reals – I set up a studio that uses mostly old midi hardware because I find it much more enjoyable writing experience without the standard computer setup. I asked a few friends who’ve worked with the Belleville 3, where some of the trademark sounds especially strings where from. Mark Archer who’s on Sonic Heavy told me Derrick May used the K2000 series. Things like that are fun to find out because when you play those actual sounds it feels like there’s something magical about those tones. I used to be in a Band called N-Joi and Juan Atkins came over and I remember sitting there watching him make sounds on a Juno 106, he was an expert at creating percussive sounds and fast fluid sequences. A great experience. As you can tell I’m into it.

T.H.E – The sound also inspired you to launch your label – Sonic Heavy. When did that come about exactly? 

The Paradise Reals – I started Sonic Heavy about 5 years ago it’s only had 6 releases, but things will increase a lot next year – it’s multi-genre. One of the things that impress me about Transmat was how uncompromising it is and especially how soulful the music is, even though it’s futuristic. Tommy Mundell’s “Travelling Lights” ep is a great example of this on Sonic Heavy.

T.H.E – Considering the label is based out of the UK, what’s the scene like there right now?

The Paradise Reals – The scene in the UK is incredibly diverse and based around major cities, like everywhere now. There’s a style or night for any taste it seems.

Let’s talk again about your release ‘Revolution’. How was it working with Rachel Bernard on the track?

The Paradise Reals – Working with Rachel is very enjoyable when we get the chance. Getting the best out of the rich tone she has which works well with the Reggae influenced ideas. It’s quite original I think. She one of those singers who have an uncanny ability to just pluck melody lines from nowhere that sounds amazing. That’s great to someone who sits there writing instrumentals that need a life, a reason to exist.

T.H.E – The package also includes remixes from Broken Spectrum & Tommy Mundell, why did you choose them specifically to re-work the track? 

The Paradise Reals – Tommy is very creative and always try’s new things as you can hear with his mix. Broken Spectrum’s Nathan Taylor is an amazing sound designer and drum programmer.

T.H.E – And finally, what can you tell us about your album that’s forthcoming?

The Paradise Reals – The Album will include some formats that haven’t been widely used before and is innovative and provocative in part, music has become a little safe.

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