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tinlicker interview

Jordi Van Achthoven and Micha Heyboyer, better known as Tinlicker, are known best for showcasing very refined compositions and productions.

After releasing a string of groove infused progressive tunes, the duo has made a mark for themselves in the electronic music space since 2013. Working with labels such as Anjunadeep, Armada, and Mau5trap amongst the rest, they are now out to release their debut album. Titled “This Is Not our Universe”, the album is a collection of some soulful tracks, beautifully infused vocals, and a great remix as well! We use the opportunity to speak to the duo about the album, their production, tours and a lot more!

Shivani – Hey Micha & Jordy! It’s absolutely great to be speaking to you guys! Firstly, congratulations on announcing ‘This is not our Universe’. How is the feeling like, especially considering it’s your debut album?

Tinlicker – To be honest, we feel really excited. It’s our first album together and now that’s done we can’t wait for it to come out, so people can hear what we’ve been up to.

Shivani – You will be releasing the album on Anjunabeats this September. Apart from that we also see you being regularly associated with the label on the whole. How did it all begin?

Tinlicker – It began with them signing ‘Soon You’ll Be Gone’ for Anjunadeep. Then ‘Nothing Without You’ and when we did the VIP of this song, Anjuna asked us to do an album for Beats. Apparently, our music is hard to box. Our sound lives between a lot of genres and that’s just how we like it, so for us, it doesn’t matter if we’re Beats or Deep. We just call it Tinlicker.

Shivani – We also see you remixing Alt-J’s ‘Breezeblocks’ which looks super interesting! How did you’ll pick the track? And did Alt-J manage to hear what the remix sounds like as well?

Tinlicker – Jordi’s girlfriend is an Alt-J fan and that’s how we got in contact with the song. We both come from a different musical background, so merging different genres is something we love doing. At first, we just made the ‘remix’ as a homage for us to play live, but our manager sent it to Alt-J’s management just to get a reaction (as the Dutch say: When you don’t try, you won’t win). And when they responded, we couldn’t believe it, they loved it and wanted to ‘officially’ release it… So here it is, haha!

Shivani – You will also be going on a world tour post the album release and will be covering Australia, America, Asia and Europe! Which cities are you looking forward to playing the most? And could you’ll give us an insight into what the show will be like?

Tinlicker – That’s too hard to say, but it’s always special to travel to places you haven’t been to before. So, Australia and Asia are going to be interesting for sure. When we play live, we try to play a lot of our own music (or sneaky edits of music we love, like ‘Breezeblocks’), because we hope that’s why people want to come to our show in the first place. Basically, a bit like a band playing your own music and doing some covers, but without playing any instruments.

Shivani – If you could get any artist to remix any track from the new album, which artist and which track would you pick and why?

Tinlicker – It’s hard, but for Jon Hopkins remix of any of our tunes, would be amazing.

Shivani – Which is one track from the album you enjoyed working on the most and why? And how did the ideation for the track take place?

Tinlicker – Probably the tracks we made on a Dutch island called Terschelling. Because it was just us and the music there, without any distraction besides what goes around in your heads. Not always easy, but special.

Shivani – What does the rest of 2019 hold in store for you?

Tinlicker – Tour, friends, family and trying to wrestle some new music in the studio.

Tinlicker’s debut artist album ’This Is Not Our Universe’ is released on Anjunabeats on 27 September.

Shivani Murthy


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