T.H.E Interview – Toma Hawk

toma hawk interview

Toma Hawk came from a big musical family and draws influences from genres such as classical, pop, rock, and electronic which all culminate into stand-out productions which have stood the test of time as his career has spanned over the last 25 years.

His latest release ‘Music For The New Generation’ is an EP busting with Techno goodness and is already doing the rounds in the scene, we caught up with Toma Hawk to discuss more about it.

T.H.E – What was the inspiration behind MFTNG and Snatch?

Toma Hawk – I produced ‘MFTNG last summer back in 2019 and I had completely forgotten I had even made it. Then, in March of this year, I went through and did a clean-up of my projects and found it again and ended up finalizing it before planning to release it. Snatch was made at the beginning of the summer on a really dreary day and of course during lockdown so I wanted to try and let the sunshine a bit in my studio!

T.H.E – How long has this release been in the making?

Toma Hawk – Uff…I can’t remember exactly, but in my normal process, if I have the idea…I work around 2-3 days on a track without pressure.

T.H.E – Sum up the overall vibe of the release in 3 words?

Toma Hawk – Animating, time machine & bliss

T.H.E – Did you set yourself any goals to achieve for this release?

Toma Hawk – I think I have always the same goal on all my releases. Make the people happy and push them to dance and have fun with my music.

T.H.E – Which DJs would you like to see get behind MFTNG?

Toma Hawk – Hard to say…every DJ which like the Tracks for the right moment

T.H.E – Do you have a favourite section of either track at all?

Toma Hawk – On MFTNG I like the second part after the drop very much and on Snatch the part in the break when the Melo comes up. It’s a bit retro and pays homage to old times but is still contemporary

T.H.E – Your music has so many unique elements and sections in it, talk us through your creative process?

Toma Hawk – Yeah…the process I found for me is to begin a new track with only 8 bars to find the general idea of the track. If I have this and it sounds good to me, I start with the arrangement and just let me drift. Sometimes I do almost too much in one track. I get a little lost in it!

T.H.E – What other projects are in the pipeline for Toma Hawk?

Toma Hawk – At the moment we are working hard on new releases of Toma Hawk and on Mon.Ton, as well as building up both labels with newly signed artists. I’m also pushing hard the Lakota Radio Show and and…the list is long and we do it with full passion and lifeblood 😊

T.H.E – Finally, where can people go to grab a copy of “Music For The New Generation?”

Toma Hawk – Yeah! Best is for downloading go to Beatport and clear on Spotify for streaming. But you will find it also on all other platforms.


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