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topic interview

Set to close out 2019 in style, German producer Topic has re-emerged to release his final offering of the year with enigmatic Swedish producer A7S.

‘Breaking Me’ is an enticing and uplifting pop-forward track, and that forms the crux of our conversation with Topic, as we discuss his highlights of 2019, and his plans for 2020.

We caught up with Topic and discussed his plans for 2020, single with A7S – Breaking Me, and loads more. Read our chat below!

T.H.E – Hey man! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. How was 2019 for you?

Topic – Thanks for having me! 2019 was a steady year for me. It didn’t have any significant lows but also not many incredible highs. But 2020 started with a bang! I´m very excited for what this year will bring. I´ve got a feeling it´s going to be huge!

T.H.E – What were the top highlights of the year for you?

Topic – Of course there were highlights, which stood out. I traveled to Asia for the very first time and loved the friendly vibe. The people were all so very polite – I loved it! For me, the festival season is a highlight each and every year … and then of course, releasing “Breaking me”!

T.H.E – You closed out the year with a beautiful single with A7S, “Breaking Me”. How did the single come about?

Topic – Before we start writing a song we get together as a group and everyone talks about what currently goes on in their lives and what moves them personally. These topics (😊) are processed in songs. However, a song itself is not always about a certain situation that has been experienced by yourself – but an emotion that many might know and could empathize with. ‘Breaking me’ is about a situation in a relationship with a certain dependency, in which one always gives a little more and “breaks” because of that.

T.H.E – It’s a slightly uplifting pop song. Do you feel that’s where your sound currently lies or do you prefer to experiment within genres?

Topic – The genre I found my home in, I like to call “melancholic dance music” – songs which bring up various kinds of emotion but at the same time you just can´t stop your body from moving.

T.H.E – Which German artists do you feel are doing extremely well, and what are your views on the dance music scene in Germany?

Topic – There are quite a few German artists, which are doing extremely well at the moment! But if I had to name just the one, I think I´d have to go with “Apache 207”. He has created a whole new sound with a mixture of RnB, funk, hip hop and even some elements of Eurodance. And that´s the thing I´m missing in the dance music scene in Germany at the moment. I´d like to change that.

T.H.E – Lastly, what can you tell us about your plans for 2020?

Topic – There is a lot I have coming up in 2020. Far too much to mention. Mainly, there will be much more live gigs. I´m currently working on developing a signature sound for the upcoming live shows and festival season. I want it to be unique and enjoyable. Additionally – if I find the time – I´d love to travel to South Africa.


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