T.H.E Interview – Tube & Berger x Armaja

tube & berger and armaja interview

Tube & Berger, and Armaja talk to us about their new single, came about which is titled “Ice Cold”, and more.

T.H.E – Hey Arndt & Marko (a.k.a. Tube & Berger) and Goatchy (a.k.a. Armaja), great to have you all join us today! Where in the world do we catch you guys at the moment & how has 2022 been for you so far?

Tube & Berger – The year so far has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride. We decided to focus on the good side of life and spend a lot of time with our beloved families and our beloved studio. We have never written, produced and released more tunes than in the past few months and had some truly magical moments in the studio. On March 14th we’ll be back in the US after almost 3 years for a big tour and summer is filling up nicely with festivals. Let’s hope this year turns from a sad one into something better.

T.H.E – Let’s discuss your latest release, the very slick sounding ‘Ice Cold’ – can you tell us a little about how this collaboration came about?

Goatchy – After many intensive and magical months of working together in the studio, where we worked on many songs of different sounds and genres. We had so much fun with it and just did whatever really moved us at that moment.

In this very special atmosphere in the studio, we found more and more songs featuring a recurrent mix of acoustic and crisp electronic sounds. This uninhibited and authentic music became more than just a collaboration so much so that we gave it a name of its own “Armaja” and made an album called “Ear-Force 1”.

We’re so happy to release our first single “Ice Cold” with T&B on Virgin records. hope you enjoy it!

T.H.E – Arndt & Marko, you continue to be pioneers of the scene & have built up an impressive fan base around the globe – what’s been the proudest moment for Tube & Berger to date & why?

Tube & Berger – Well.. That’s a tough one, our favorite moments surely were playing at Tomorrowland, at Hi, Pacha and Ushuaia Ibiza or at Green Valley in Brazil but I think the proudest moment ever was in the very beginning of the T&B journey when we were residents at the legendary Bootshaus club in Cologne / Germany and we tested one of our own tunes and people went absolutely bananas. Years later we realized that the feeling we had in this particular moment is the essence of what our lives are about. Chasing the magic when playing our sets or being in the studio became our daily hustle.

T.H.E – Goatchy, can you tell us a little about your own journey into the industry & any highlight for Armaja so far?

Goatchy – I started being a hobby singer & songwriter when I was a kid and knew I wanted to be on stage. With every gig, every wedding and everyone who loved what I was doing on stage with my guitar pushed me closer to this decision of being a musician and songwriter, after all these years of just doing music and writing songs for fun. Besides becoming a better songwriter, I had to spend much time on the necessary basics that had been neglected, such as playing the piano or music theory, composing and producing.

T.H.E – Having all worked together a number of times before, what was the first record you collaborated on?

Tube & Berger – The very first one was “All I Want” on AFTR:HRS Tiësto’s label for the darker stuff. After 20 minutes in the session, we all knew that we’ll make tons of music together.

T.H.E – Arndt & Marko, what word would you best use to describe the Tube & Berger signature sound? And Goatchy, what best describes the sound of Armaja?

Tube & Berger – People often tell us we have a specific signature sound or something, but we are not sure about that. Whenever we found “our sound” it felt like it was time for something new. Since the rona we really don’t care about genres or boundaries anymore and kinda rediscovered the importance of lyrics and song structures.

We have teamed up with underground legends like Eskuche and released on Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour label and also collaborated with heavyweights like NERVO, Like Mike or the US rapper Lil Baby.

Goatchy – I hope it’s okay if I answer this Q by quoting some lines of our track “get naked“:
“The way you smile, the way it is (…)
there are no words that could describe
how good you make me feel like this.
Oh baby what are you waiting for
get naked! – and make love!“

T.H.E – Finally, looking ahead into the remainder of 2022 & beyond – what’s next in the pipeline for Tube & Berger and Armaja, any more collaborations in the pipeline?

Goatchy – Ok, the classic “we have so much music for you guys and can’t wait to show you.” Is actually true. We have some exciting stuff in the oven, from a whole Armaja album to some super spaced out Nft drops and plenty of releases and collabs with some amazing artists – 2022 here we go!


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