Valarie Morris gets One On One with NERVO


From songwriters to artists and super-fans to superstars, electronic dance music’s first sisters – Mim and Liv NERVO of NERVO – have catapulted onto the international stage, straight from the pit in front of it. These multi-talented DJ dynamos are the all-time top-ranking female DJs in the world, voted by their millions of fans to No. 21 on DJ Magazine’s influential 2014 ‘Top 100 DJs’ poll.

With a big profile in the dance music industry comes a lot of fan following. A lot of fans do not get the opportunity to speak to their favourite artists. We want to give them that chance, hence we have started, “T.H.E Ultimate Fan Interview”, where we select one die-hard fan and give him/her the opportunity to ask their favourite artists about everything they have always wanted to know.

Anyone who follows the NERVO sisters would know the massive fan following that always seems to follow them wherever they go. When it comes to NERVO, we did quite a bit of a research and found the perfect fan that we wanted to be a part of our ‘T.H.E Ultimate Fan Interview’ series – Valarie Morris!

You can check out Valarie’s interview below where she talks to NERVO sisters about travelling all over the world, performing countless gigs, getting the cutest gift and loads more! Have a read.

Valarie Morris – Have you two ever pranked anyone?

NERVO – We tried to trick our first ever boyfriends. We used to have the same hair styles so thought it would work but in the end we started laughing and couldn’t go through with it. The boys were laughing too!

Valarie Morris – With traveling all over the world, running on little sleep, performing countless gigs. I mean… that energy you two have is amazing & contagious! How do you manage?

NERVO – We love what we do so we know it might sound cheesy, but the work gives us energy. We worked super hard to get where we are today. Every moment is a gift.

Valarie Morris – Any rituals, customs or superstitions when traveling, being in the studio or while out on tour?

NERVO – No superstitions as such but we do like to get to the venues a little earlier to suss out the vibe of the room and also check out who is playing before or after us. That way we know how to make our set stand out and different to the other DJ’s.

Valarie Morris – Who is the sassiest out of the two of you?

Mim : I’d say Liv. She’s all girly with her long hair.

Liv : I’d say Mim. Her vibe is raw and ready and goes beyond her shaved hair cut.

Valarie Morris – What was the cutest gift you both received?

NERVO – Our parents used to fly us home to Australia for Christmas when we were broke and wairessing in London. It was great to see our family and friends and recharge while London was cold and wet.

Valarie Morris – What is something we might not know about you?

Liv : Mim is a sleepaholic. Give her a dark room and a comfy bed and she will be out cold for 16 hrs. No joke!

Mim : Liv is my hairdresser. She cuts and colors my hair.

Valarie Morris – Is there anything you two ever wanted to learn but couldn’t pursue due to your career as DJs/Producers?

NERVO – Every time we’re in Los Angeles, we take dance classes on Wednesday nights. We’re actually really bad dancers but we don’t exercise so it’s fun to be exercising without even knowing. The classes often exposes us to different types of music that we wouldn’t otherwise listen to.

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