T.H.E Interview – Valentin Huedo

valentin huedo interview

Son of ibiza. Eclectic, versatile, organic and with one of a kind sensitiveness to mix genres and emotions Valentin bring his islander mojo to dance floors worldwide.

Born and raised in Eivissa, Valentin Huedo grew up surrounded by seductive tunes and grooves connected with the astounding nature and free-minded people. He grabbed the core of the island and understood the way music transcends us and make us bond with ourselves and with each other. And since then he’s been projecting it both in the island and all around the world.

From a very young age, he soundtracked the sunset in the legendary Café del Mar being the youngest dj to play there in a residency that lasted for a decade. In the following years he would do step forward into the balearic scene as resident dj at the infamous beach club Blue Marlin but also as one of the main hosts of Ibiza Sonica Radio spreading the sound of the island internationally. In 2016 he started as resident DJ at WooMooN, a rite that celebrates life, love and art in community that brings back the original spirit of the White Island. Since then he’s been composing magical grooves and fantastic melodies for music imprints as “Do not sit on the furniture” or “Music for Clubs” as has been said “redefining the Balearic sound of his predecessors. Eclectic, versatile, organic and with one of a kind sensitiveness to mix genres and emotions Valentin bring his true balearic mojo to dancefloors around the globe to be danced by all those who live by the sun and love by the moon.

We caught up with Valentin Huedo to learn more about the impact of pandemic on his music taste, getting into dance music, new EP, and more.

T.H.E – Hey Valentín, welcome to The Music Essentials! How are you? How has 2021 been for you?

Valentin Huedo – Hi! I´m good thanks, thank you! Still a bit overwhelmed for the amazing feedback I’ve had so far with my “Tonight” EP on All Day I Dream, really happy how this year is going and now I´m looking forward to starting the winter tour in the next weeks in central America. I’ll be visiting Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and US and I’m very happy to be playing for the 1st time in South Africa in a little tour for 2 weeks in December. I’m also excited for the upcoming releases with artist that I respect so much like Megablast, Jenia Tarsol, Chaim, Musumeci or Kevin Di Serna…so in terms of work I can’t ask for more. Really happy with 2021 considering the worlds situation.

T.H.E – How was the pandemic for you and what affect did it have on your music taste and style?

Valentin Huedo – Actually very positive, with no travels and gigs I could focus totally in the studio so I decided to kinda start from zero, learning a new workflow to create music, faster and less complicated, I think the easier you make it the better, watching tutorials, learning skills, as well I bought some new synths and I think my sound is a bit more mature now and more dance-floor oriented.

T.H.E – What was it like to get back to partying and DJing again after the pandemic?

Valentin Huedo – The 1st party I attended after the pandemic I felt overwhelmed, a bit insecure, you know, we all run away from fear but being honest when you are listening everyday all day that this virus is dangerous, even if you don’t believe it, fear is there. But it was a beautiful night at the end, every second counts now more than before I think.

T.H.E – Tell us about growing up and getting into dance music – why did you love it?

Valentin Huedo – It´s quite easy growing in Ibiza and get influenced by music, my big brother had 2 turntables at home, and I started playing with them at 13 years old. My 1st record was at 15 and 1st gig at 16. It came naturally, I can not explain why, I simply loved it and still the same, nothing has changed.

T.H.E – What styles did you love at first, why did you want to dj and produce?

Valentin Huedo – The 1st records I bought were a melodic techno-trance thing, you know, Paul van Dyk etc, but quickly I fell in love with nature and I wanted to play at the beach, more organic sounds into house music came to my hands, Miguel Migs, Dj Ino, Charles Webester, Kevin Yost… I ended playing balearic rare vinyls at cafe del mar for 10 years, in the studio, the interest came at first because the edits, I used to edit a lot of songs I like, and from there I started doing production lessons, piano and so and so.

T.H.E – What is the Ibiza scene like right now? Has it recovered after covid?

Valentin Huedo – Well, we opened the big clubs at the very end of the season and they were packed all nights. I think Ibiza is strong enough to resist a pandemic, we actually had lots of tourist this year. I know it’s not the same but we managed to offer some options to the clubbers like Cova Santa, Ushuaia, Blue Marlin, Las Dalias. Ibiza always survives to all crisis of all kinds.

T.H.E – What inspired your new EP for All Day I Dream?

Valentin Huedo – I wanted to create an EP that is not only the classic sound of All Day I Dream. Tonight is a vocal track quick “Pop” Salines Sunrise is my most personal track I would say and Neo is the most classic ADID sound. I wanted to create 3 tracks for every moment in a dj set.

T.H.E – How did you hook up with he label at first?

Valentin Huedo – I sent Lee Burridge my track Moon Beach 2 years ago, we didn’t manage to release it on ADID but he ended playing the track everywhere. Our email relationship started there, during pandemic I start sending some music I did and he replied asking me for an EP. “Fuer die liebe” is an anthem for me, and the label it´s in my radar even before they become the number one deep house label. I´m thrilled.

T.H.E – What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

Valentin Huedo – I think it will be good year for everybody, all clubs will be open again and festivals back on circuit, people really needs that and so the industry! My year looks exciting, I have a remix I did for Megablast coming out in December that includes Jenia Tarsal & Chaim rmx too, as well in January another remix with Kevin Di Serna on rmx duty, and March I have a release on Musumeci´s label. I´m positive I will have a good year :)


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