T.H.E Interview – VAVO

VAVO Interview

Dance music duo VAVO has made quite the name for themselves over the last year.

Continuing with the trend, the guys raised the bar yet again with their strongest single to date, “Anything For You.”

“Anything For You” is an uplifting dance-pop anthem that brings listeners along a person’s quest to prove his dedication and love to his one true soulmate. It features powerful vocals from talented Irish singer ZHIKO, a beautiful production, and a fun/happy drop that is sure to have you dancing and singing all day long.

We caught up with VAVO and spoke about “Anything For You”, Game Of Thrones, and how they came together.

T.H.E – Hey guys! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What have you been up to?

VAVO – Hi thanks for having us! Oh man, where to start?! We have been in the studio the past few months working on a ton of new music, and as of recently, we kicked off our first North American headline tour- The Anything For You Tour! We have been busy!

T.H.E – “VAVO” was formed towards the end of 2015. How did you guys meet? And what does VAVO signify?

VAVO – We actually met online and did a collaboration together. After the song was released, we realized how well we worked together and felt as if we would be able to accomplish more as a team.

As for VAVO, we got the name by literally writing down random names and finally, Alden came up with this “VAVO” drawn out and it stuck. We didn’t know at the time, but we’re pretty sure it means Grandma in Portuguese haha!

In regard to its significance: Although we got the name by drawing out random ideas, as we’ve continued to grow, VAVO developed its own meaning similar to that of a phrase like “Hakuna Matata.” More specifically, instead of meaning “no worries,” it’s a name that we want to represent the idea of what we like to say, “good music for all.”

T.H.E – Love the dance-pop vibes on “Anything For You”. How was it working with ZHIKO?

VAVO – Thank you! Working with Calvin aka ZHIKO was amazing! He is always willing to go the extra mile and make sure the song is EXACTLY what we all envisioned. He is also really fast with getting things done… I don’t think he ever sleeps!

T.H.E – Is this sound, the right representation of where you guys feel the most comfortable?

VAVO – We have changed a little bit over the years. I think our pop/dance style, which is what you are hearing now, is definitely our sweet spot. We are creating music that has so much of our emotion behind it, and we feel as though it connects with our fanbase and listeners so much more. We are loving what we are making and there is so much more to come!

T.H.E – Usually, duos have a thing where one guy feels more at home doing the production, and the other is more adept at DJing. Does VAVO have a similar balance structure?

VAVO – We both do the DJing and producing! We both like to sit in the studio and work, and of course, we both love to travel and play shows! Alden is faster and more adept with producing, while I (Jesse) come from a DJing background. I think that’s what gives us a lot of diversity in music and shows! Two heads are better than one!

T.H.E – There are so many accolades that you guys have accomplished, right from charting on Billboard, to featuring on various Spotify viral charts. Is this something that you guys envisioned right from the time VAVO was formed, to achieve so much in such a short time?

VAVO – Definitely not! I think our Manager Max did though aha. We never thought we would accomplish so much as fast as we have! We are so thankful for everything that has happened! I think it was a dream, always thinking about these achievements, but now its reality!

T.H.E – If you had to name 5 things that you are yet to accomplish and would like to, what would they be?

VAVO – Oh, wow this is a tough one! Let’s see…. Having a billboard top 100, headlining and major festival, having a Las Vegas Residency, having a single go gold, and, last but not least, seeing our faces on a billboard for a show!

T.H.E – Name 5 artists you would like to collaborate with?

VAVO – The Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Bebe Rexha, Luke Combs!

T.H.E – Lastly, are you guys fans of Game Of Thrones? Whom do you think will end up being King/Queen of the 7 Kingdoms?

VAVO – Jesse is not a fan, he never got into it! I (Alden) love the show and binge watched 7 seasons in a month!!! I’m thinking it will be either Jon Snow or Khaleesi! Can’t wait to find out!!!


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