Vh1 Supersonic Revealed Tour – Backstage Interview with Manse


The last time the Revealed Club Nights came to the forefront there were a number of ‘up and comers’ representing the record label, run by head honcho and the world’s number one DJ Hardwell. The lineup was massive and the night was never younger.

This time round a new bunch of boys took over the reigns to make their way to Asia, touring a number of countries in the subcontinent. Having excelled in their early years, the line-up consisted of some of the most talented producers in the scene, with a strong discography to back their claims.

Thomas Newson, Joey Dale, Julian Calor, Kill The Buzz and Manse made their way to Mumbai and we couldn’t be more happy to catch our favourite artists under one roof.

Adding to the state of euphoria, we also managed to catch up with Joey Dale, Manse and Kill The Buzz at the Mumbai leg of their Revealed Asia Club Tour! Read on for excerpts from the interview with Manse.

T.H.E – How’s the tour been so far?

Manse – Very hectic so far, we go to a club and play the whole night, and then that’s followed by an early flight. And then of course it’s back to work. Tomorrow we’re doing some real sightseeing though.

T.H.E – A lot of great producers on the scene right now, is there one artist you really look upto?

Manse – Hardwell of course, he’s the one who pushes me as an artist and believes in my sound. Progressive House is pretty common these days so it’s great to have Hardwell’s support otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.

T.H.E – How was it working with Chris Jones on ‘Rising Sun’?

Manse – Chris of course is a legend. He’s worked with Hardwell and Armin van Buuren and I wasn’t really sure if he’d want to work with me, since i’m not that famous. I thought he wouldn’t e too excited by the idea but actually I was surprised to see how enthusiastic he was. He was excited and was just like ‘Let’s do this’. We did that track at a writers camp in Holland last year so that was really special.

T.H.E – So are you guys planning to collaborate on a track while on tour?

Manse – I actually spoke to Julian in June when we were playing in Ibiza about this huge, sort of ‘next generation’ collaboration. So i proposed the idea but we haven’t done it yet. Tomorrow we have a day off so maybe you know. It’ll be a great to have all five of us blend our sound in one track.

T.H.E – This being your first tour, what has the best part been about the travelling aspect?

Manse – For me it’s been all about the connecting. I actually have a few fans from Asia that i am really close to, so to meet them in real life was pretty amazing, because they’re supporting you all the time on social media and everything. Also it’s been great to meet some new people, hopefully some new followers who saw me play, so you never know.

T.H.E – It’s your first time in India, but have you heard about any Indian producers?

Manse – Of course I have, there is one producer I’ve heard his tracks but can’t seem to recollect his name. Ah Zaeden! That’s the guy. I’ve heard some of his work.

T.H.E – Will we see you back in India anytime soon for the major festival season?

Manse – Well the aim is to play at the biggest festivals so if something works out i’ll definitely like to come back and play at a big festival here.

Shantanu Puro
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