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interview with vini vici

Matan from Vini Vici met us at Mysteryland 2019, and spoke about 2019, and the multiple collaborations they have done with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paul van Dyk, R3HAB and loads more.

vini vici interview by Elsi Mink
Elsi Mink interviews Vini Vici at Mysteryland 2019 for T.H.E – Music Essentials

Elsi – Hi Matan, thanks for this interview and welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials! The summer’s almost over and you guys have been quite busy for both of you. I don’t think I’ve been to a festival actually that you guys were not playing. What’s been your summer favorite so far?

Vini Vici – Wow. It’s really hard to choose one, you know, because everyone has its own magic and Tomorrowland is always a big one for us. You know, like we are always waiting so much for Tomorrowland, even before that Ultra was amazing and Airbeat One and you know, here at Mysteryland I had an amazing time and it’s definitely one of my favorite gigs in the Netherlands that I ever had. Yeah. Busy summer and very joyful!

Elsi – Looking back this year, you guys had a collab with Liquid Soul and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike called “Untz Untz”. I’ve heard a lot of variations over the summer of that track, even all the way up to a hardstyle version. The memes have been very good when it came out too! What I really want to know is who came up with “Untz Untz”?

Vini Vici – Well honestly, I have to say Nicola from Liquid Soul, he came and showed us the sample and we basically took it from there, you know?

Elsi – So just added your own little psy effect to it?

Vini Vici – Yeah, kind of, we gave the whole treatment and then we sent it to Dimi & Mike and they work on the break.

Elsi – Good stuff! It’s super popular for festivals. You also have your latest collab with R3HAB and Pangea. How did that come about? Because it’s very different from the previous track?

Vini Vici – Yeah, it’s true. It’s very different from what we normally do. I and R3HAB played a festival in Italy together maybe two or three years ago and since then we talk about collab but we felt we’re not ready for this yet. And this year we decided we want to explore more stuff, you know, because after doing the same stuff for so long as an artist, you want to develop, you want to try new stuff. So then, we had this idea of the Western song together with Pangea and we sent it over to him and he added his input. This is how it was done! For me, in music there are no rules, you know, I am the type of artists that always wants challenges and something new.

Elsi – Well that makes for very a successful artist because yesterday I interviewed MOGUAI and he said exactly the same and he’s been around for like 20 years so he knows his stuff! Looking back at 2018 which was a huge success for you guys and now 2019 even bigger. Did you guys ever think you’d work with the artists you’ve worked with so far when you started?

Vini Vici – No way. No way. Not even in our wildest dreams! We come from a totally different scene, the psytrance scene, which is very popular in Israel. When we started, we played in like illegal underground raves in the woods for 500 – 1000 people. I guess we did something really good and it caught on. First of all, it caught on with all of the big names in the psytrance, then in the trance, then in EDM, etc, etc. So I guess when you do something good and you believe in yourself, miracles can happen!

Elsi – Definitely, but I’m pretty sure you guys also helped up the psytrance scene grow because it’s super popular now!

Vini Vici – Of course, we bring the psytrance sound to a lot of countries that never heard this sound ever before, it was even kind of a taboo over there before, you know? We see a lot of the places that we went to play for the very first time started to book more psytrance artists. And also, because of all the big DJs now, like after we came out with “Free Tibet”, “Great spirit” and “The Tribe” everyone would try the psy kick and bass and everyone will have one or two tracks in their sets. So, it’s also helped people to become more popular and opened people’s minds to it. This definitely helped in spreading the word and of course in the sales and everything.

Elsi – And are there still other artists you want to work with?

Vini Vici – Wow. Of course!

Elsi – Is there still like a special genre you’d still like to mix it up?

Vini Vici – My dream, my biggest dream is to work with Daft Punk! That would definitely be my number one after Bob Marley, which I can’t work with unfortunately

Elsi – That would have been interesting too for sure! And what’s going to be the main focus for Vini Vici for the rest of the year?

Vini Vici – Well now we have a track coming out with Paul van Dyk?

We also did something very deep and more trancey and something more for hardcore fans and you know, we like to go to the studio and explore what we are feeling at the moment, so really looking forward to this one. And yeah, a lot of music. Actually, normally we don’t like to a lot of music per year but in the next few months is going to be busy.

Elsi – You had 3 tracks out so far this year, right?

Vini Vici – Yes, 3!

Elsi – Ok, so lots more music coming on. Well, thank you very much for the interview and I wish you all the luck!

Vini Vici – Thank you.

Which is your favourite Vini Vici track? Let us know!

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