Uniting Voices Across The Ocean: The Making Of “Close Your Eyes”

close your eyes interview

In an extraordinary musical venture, artists Volatile Cycle, Konquest, and Dropset have joined forces to create the trailblazing track “Close Your Eyes.”

This collaboration sprang from a longstanding partnership and a moment of inspiration, transforming a conventional genre with unconventional elements.

Origin of the Collaboration

Konquest reveals, “Volatile Cycle and myself have been working together for nearly 10 years now… One day Dan from Volatile Cycle had heard my vocals over my piano work and suggested I try it for a dnb track.” The track, however, lay dormant due to its unconventional nature until Dropset breathed new life into it, leading to their first release as a trio.

Navigating Trans-Atlantic Collaboration

The trio managed the logistics of working across continents with ease, thanks to modern technology and their flexible schedules. “Producers don’t seem to be dictated by time as most of us are insomniacs anyway,” Konquest mentions, highlighting the seamless nature of their collaboration.

Creative Process

The song “Close Your Eyes” originated from an everyday moment. Konquest shares, “I actually came up with the melody and lyrics in the bathtub… After I had a solid intro idea done, I sent it over to the guys and they totally vibed.” This spontaneous creation was crucial in developing the unique sound of the track.

Balancing Individual Strengths

Each artist brought their unique skills to the table, blending their talents without fixed roles, except for Konquest handling the vocals. Dropset adds, “Each project just kind of develops in its own way… then I hit a sound design session and sent those sounds to Volatile Cycle.”

Challenges and Innovations

Integrating male vocals into Neuro was a bold move by Konquest, fueled by personal experiences and artistic daring. He states, “A lot of my lyrics come from a troubled past… turning a negative into a positive.”

Sound Design and Reception

The track’s distinct sound comes from a collaborative effort, where each artist adds layers and ideas, as described by Dropset: “I just make whatever I think sounds interesting. I ship them off to Volatile Cycle to write with and they use whatever fits in the tune.”

With its unique blend of personal inspiration, collaborative creation, and innovative sound design, “Close Your Eyes” not only showcases the individual talents of Volatile Cycle, Konquest, and Dropset but also sets a new standard in the drum and bass genre. The trio’s work is a testament to the power of creative synergy and the endless possibilities of music production.


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