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y do i interview

Following a slew of critically-acclaimed EP and single releases on the likes of Trippy Code, Take My Space and Area Verde over the course of their collaborative musical career, ‘I Know’ marks the first full studio long-player from partners Amos Chalfon and David Semo, who have been producing and performing together under the Y do I moniker since 2019.

Purveyors of their own unique brand of ‘future techno’, Y do I have been on a prolific run of form over the past few years, with their avant-garde productions resonating with a growing legion of loyal fans across the globe.

Perpetually striving to deliver an unmatched sensory experience for the listener – both in their eclectic studio releases and hard-hitting live performances – Y do I have an innate ability to fuse multiple genres into a sum much greater than their constituent parts, reimagining a close affinity for trance, minimal, progressive and techno within a uniquely gripping and original paradigm.

T.H.E – Welcome Y do I, we are so glad to be talking to you on T.H.E Interviews. What’s been happening over the past few months in your world?

Y Do I – Hi there, thank you for approaching us, we love to share our ideas & thoughts with your followers.

Life is good, as usual. Making loads of new music, we finished an ethnic fusion EP, and now working on our second album. Be prepared for some serious dancefloor bombs.

T.H.E – We heard your amazing new album ‘I Know’ and we sure do love it! What went behind making this amazing album?

Y Do I – We didn’t plan it actually, we did this album in amazing 4 months during COVID lockdown. We tried to do something that no one did before, with a huge success in our opinion. We fused techno, psytrance, progressive house & minimal to a musical quest to the unknown.You simply got to hear the full album at once, to get the effect of it. Every track is different than the other, but still maintains the same energy as the other.

T.H.E – Can you share your influences behind the album?

Y Do I – We are different, we wanted to sound different. Therefore we took our favourite parts of each style we like and fused it into one piece. We like aggressive kick & bass and rhythmic patterns, so we took a bit of psytrance & future bass and fused it to techno minimal style. Same we did with our drums & percussion, we love those tiny mechanical sounds which give the groove is own unique character. Which we took from minimal. The hi tech synths we simply fused house & EDM patterns and groove to more techno vibe with a twist. So the whole package is unique.

T.H.E – An album release definitely marks a milestone, Can you tell us about your favorite track from the album?

Y Do I – Honestly we love them all. David’s favourites are “Vibrasphere” & “Push On”. Amos’ favourites are “ I Know” & “Modulart”.

T.H.E – Talk to us about producing music together. Do you each take on different roles in the studio? Who does what?

Y Do I – Let’s say Amos is the out of the box ideas which still try to remain up to date. And David is the more technical guy.
But together there is a different chemistry in the studio which always end up in a huge success of something unique.

T.H.E – Did the pandemic situation and staying indoors give you more time to explore your music?

Y Do I – Definitely. We finally had our time to simply stay in the studio and elevate our musical vision.

T.H.E – Finally, what can we expect from you in the rest of this year?

Y Do I – Apart from the album there is going to be another EP released by the end of the year.

Aditya – Thank you!


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