Review: Xilent – We Are Virtual


Xilent’s – We are virtual (Album) is a breath of fresh air under Beatport’s top 100 tab. This album is exceptionally vibrant, overflowing with hefty kicks and snares.

Eryk Kowalczyk, also known as Xilent has put some genuine amount of work to get “We are Virtual” out to the masses. 3 years into making this album has tons of different styles. Staying recent and sticking to his signature sound has definitely popped some eardrums in a good way.

To be honest, if you are a fan of electro house/complextro and dubstep, then look no further. Known for his older drum & bass style, Xilent has imported neurofunk in the past. Listening to the whole album, one will realise that it is a tight concoction of beaming melodies and chords. A lot of time and battle is spent on this album, the album took him a few years to complete at different locations. Glancing at Drum and bass on this album, “Animation” is on the savory side whilst “Vital” will throw you back to his neurofunk style.

This album definitely progresses into an adventure and the same is echoed looking at the massive support it has garnered online, hitting No 1 spot on Beatport within days.

Stream Xilent – We Are Virtual below.

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Review by Beatstatic

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