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Hailing from Harlem, King Z3US has established himself as a premiere talent representing the neighborhood thanks to a series of well received EPs, including ‘The Chris Ferg Project,’ and virally massive tracks like “21 Pounds” that boasts over 6 Million plays on YouTube alone. Although a cousin of A$AP Ferg, Z3US is managing to carve his own path in hip-hop with a unique perspective and powerful message.

Listen here.

Out today, Z3US is introducing us to the next chapter of his career- an upcoming EP titled ‘Y.B.E’ due for release December 15th, 2017. For the first glimpse of the project, EP cut “What Goes Around,” fans will hear a familiar composition from Z3US as he flexes a keen set of songwriting skills, vocal flow, and production. Featuring fellow Harlem rapper Makarel, “What Goes Around” channels Z3US’ journey from the streets of Harlem, to his role as Dean of a school, to now launching his music career.

If unfamiliar with King Z3US before now, the rapper’s trajectory began long ago as the offspring of one of Harlem’s most iconic and well-respected families. Starting out making beats, Z3US eventually found his own voice that fully culminated in self-produced hit “21 Pounds.” In addition, Z3US is known for his work with legendary producer !llMind who executive produced his Z3US’ self-titled debut EP in 2016.

Stay tuned for more announcements on the upcoming Y.B.E EP, and pick up your copy of “What Goes Around” Ft. Makarel here.

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