Martin Garrix returns to India this December for a massive two-city tour!

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One of the biggest sensations in the EDM scene this decade, Martin Garrix is returning to India once again for a two-city tour this December.

After multiple appearances in India, the undisputed king of the DJ world over the past two years is back and the announcement came from the newly formed brand Boss India who will be curating the event in partnership with Radio Mirchi.

Supported by Guestlist4Good, the event shows all signs of drawing massive crowds, owing to the immense popularity of the DJ in the subcontinent. Martin was recently in the news as Rihanna announced her collaboration with him recently. It seems likely that he may drop the Rihanna collaboration during the tour.

The concert scene that had taken a hit in the country for over a year now, is starting to stabilize since the second half of 2018 and the Martin Garrix tour is an outcome of just that! We can’t wait for the superstar to hit the Indian shores.

Here’s the official announcement:

Stay tuned for tickets and more information.

Pavan Kumar

Pavan Kumar

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Pavan Kumar


  1. Avatar for Pavan Kumar

    Can someone give me full details about this festival, i can’t find tickets nor sure if this is really happening

  2. Avatar for Pavan Kumar

    Which two city

    • Avatar for Pavan Kumar

      Mumbai and Delhi.


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