10 songs that inspired Megan Kashat to become an artist

meghan kashat

Megan Kashat is a name to watch out for as she pairs her exquisite vocal capabilities with Middle Eastern aspects and funky beats.

Having released tracks with up and coming producers such as Yunus Durali and RoelBeat, Megan is now releasing solo tracks that are raw and emotional. She has been in the entertainment industry for many years and below she talks us through her top 10 tracks that have inspired her to be that artist she is today.

1. Jonas Steur feat. Jennifer Rene- Fall To Pieces


I don’t know why it says Tiesto, it always says that but I believe Jonas Steur produced it…

This is on the list because this song should be the whole list… In my opinion, it’s the most brilliant songwriting I’ve ever heard, paired with a beautiful chord progression with a trance production, it just communicates to me on another level.

2. Delerium & Sarah McLachlan- Silence


This song is too angelic not to be on my top 10. I think if all the God’s ever came together to create one track, this would have been it. There’s no other track like it.

3. Lauryn Hill- Ex-Factor


Who would I be if this song were not on the list? I have a soft side for urban music. I grew up in Metro, Detroit; I think that speaks for itself…

4. Incubus- 11AM


Incubus is my all time favorite band! There aren’t any words to describe the effect their music has had on me. Love, love, love them! This track is amazing. Honest writing, just real, raw, honest communication.

5. Alice In Chains- Nutshell


I’m sure that I sound like a broken record at this point, but if the writing isn’t real then I don’t want to hear it. Alice In Chains was the type of band that would make you feel their emotions with every bone in your body, and this song especially.

6. Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina- Stereo Love


This song had a huge impact on me. It was one of the first tracks that really got me into dance music. I used to cry visualizing my Grammy acceptance speech listening to this song, true story! Needless to say, it must be on the list. Thanks, Edward, this song is timeless.

7. Armin Van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali- Feels So Good


This song is a killer. Armin is one of my favorites, Nadia is one of my favorites too and this song was on repeat for a good three years. Amazing work!

8. Mariah Carey- The Roof


My inner ghetto Detroit child comes out to play when I hear this song. I grew up in hip-hop dance classes trying to catch a vibe, and Mariah was a go to. This song reminds me of growing up in the industry; it’s a nostalgic feeling. I love it, it inspires me and reminds me of all the beautiful talented friends I have!

9. Come Undone- Duran Duran


My mother introduced me to this song when I was a teenager. This song is life; I can’t say anything else about it.

10. Everything But The Girl- Missing


This song really had me at the melody. I always find myself listening to this track years later I’ve never outgrown it.

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