10 Songs That Influenced Facing Jinx

facing jinx for the good of it all

After an incredible journey, Alex Perkins Aka Facing Jinx has just dropped his emotionally explorative LP ‘For the Good of it All’ on his own imprint Peer Pressure Records, and it’s a mammoth achievement for both artist and label.

To celebrate its release, Facing Jinx gives us a rundown of the music which inspired his story. Check out his exclusive playlist below…

Calibre – Kiya featuring Crow

Discovering this one very early on put me on the right path, inevitably I wanted to make music that was both emotive and energetic. This album rarely leaves my record box.

London Elektricity – Cum Dancing

I went to see him perform at the Jazz Café with the Band and couldn’t believe how incredible this music worked Live. It was energy and soul, just a perfect combination!

This was one of the first tracks I bought on vinyl way back in the day.

Artificial Intelligence – Desperado

I played this one to death in college, pure energy and vibes! The breakdown strings and the way it draws you in, incredible piece of music. I want to hear more tracks being made like this, change the foghorn for a warm, deep sub like this one and you’ll be onto a winner.

Commix, Steve Spacek – How You Gonna Feel

Could have been made yesterday, it still sounds that fresh. Incredible funky drum and bass but really restrained and minimal. Every element of its just expertly crafted, beautiful piece of music.

Alix Perez, Sabre – Solitary Native

I didn’t really know Melancholy until I hit my 20’s – up until that point I was trying to lose myself in the energy. When I heard this, things changed. There’s a lot of this track that feels almost under your breath, gentle and soft.

Ivy Lab, Frank Carter – Afterthought

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more perfect piece of music, the space between the notes is just achingly beautiful. There’s allot about this tune that I try and inject into the music I make. The balance of structure and the restraint of arrangement are just perfect.

Nu:Tone – Millie’s Theme

Another very early vinyl purchase, I know this tune inside out! I love its energy and the Rhodes riff is so infectious. Getting to know your tunes back in the day was much easier when you had such a limited selection, this one was firmly at the front of my record box.

Pendulum, TC, Fats – Plasticworld

This is one of those albums I could still listen to today and have very particular memories all popping up with each track. How significantly Pendulum productions changed drum and bass is remarkable. This one is just masterful!

UN-CUT – Midnight

Not sure if there’s been anything like this tune since it just oozes class. Changed the game for me to realise that this was possible. There’s been so few full strings/horns and full vocal arrangements within drum and bass – let’s bring back the big band!

DJ Zinc – 138 Trek

Back to where it started, this pinged off the breakbeat moment! Got me exploring more breaks stuff and finding early Harry Lime and then onto Todd Edwards. Still crave for that discovery process now, although it’s becoming harder to find.

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