The 25th Hr – Separatist


The 25th Hr, a musical genius from Toronto, who is known for his productions that smoothly traverse the realm of experimental electronic music, has been labelled as “alternative R&B” by Noisey, and with Pigeons and Planes proclaiming “…it’s hard to know where The 25th Hr will go next,” it truly is anyone’s guess at what the multi-faceted 25-year-old will do next.

Proving predictably unpredictable, The 25th Hr, has now revealed yet another chapter in his sonic journey with new single “Separatist.” Out now via Color Station, “Separtist” hears the artist, real name Andrew Gowie, venture into the world of melodic house music.

Listen to it here:

Grab it here.

Fusing dreamy synth breaks, distorted vocal chops, 808, and a tempo setting bass line, “Separtist” is a hypnotizing original production that represents an evolution of Gowie’s versatile skill set.



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