Adrian Jauregui Unveils Lush Emotion-Tinged Single “Your Love”

adrian jauregui your love

L.A. based singer, songwriter and producer Adrian Jauregui returns to the dance scene with an emotive dance pop single titled, “Your Love” out now via Voyage Music Group.

Having been a part of the music industry for the past 15 years as a singer and producer, Adrian Jauregui is anything but an amateur. Having produced for major international artists and hit TV shows like NBC’s Good Girls and Disney, Adrian is on a roll.

A new addition to his discography, “Your Love” sees Adrian Jauregui where he shines. With “Your Love,” Adrian showcases his dynamic production skills and detailed storytelling abilities as he explores themes of love, yearning and adoration. Filled with emotional lyricism, “Your Love” is a blissful mid-tiempo tune anyone who has been in love or infatuated with another can relate and connect with.

An atmospheric dance pop tune, “Your Love” features lush electrifying melodies, complex bouncy snyths and percussion, and sensual warm feminine vocals that beacons for love.

Describing the track, Adrian explains “Your Love was intended to reconnect the listener to a past lover. While creating the song, our team was thinking about that one moment when you met your rave babe and had the weekend of your life.

The lost connection has you thinking what if? Or what could have been? Reconnecting you to mischief memories.” An uplifting and positive song from start to finish, “Your Love” is the perfect tune to round out the summer and festival season.


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