Aftruu Unveils Dreamy EP, ‘West’

aftruu west

Following the release of his ethereal single “The Next Step” earlier this summer, Silk veteran Enviado Vida returned to the label today under his Aftruu alias for his soothing four-track EP, ‘West.’

Inspired by a four-month travel experience, ‘West’ immerses listeners in a tranquil soundscape characterized by organic percussion, atmospheric pads, and bright synth melodies.

The seamless transitions between tracks take listeners on a blissful musical journey; a testament to Aftruu’s creative depth and ability to tell a poignant story through sound.

Aftruu shares, “‘West’ is dedicated to one of the most enjoyable times in my life. A four-month journey into the world of tranquility, confidence in the future, and joy. It feels like you have found what you were looking for, though sometimes you have to make difficult decisions and return to the real world. Is this the right choice you’ve just made? Only time will tell, but for now, all that remains is to wait for the sky to turn orange, start the car’s engine and go on a journey.”


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