AGAT’s “New Under The Sun” Album Makes Staying At Home Easier

agat new under the sun album

It’s time now, as we all lock ourselves at home for a good while, to be able to treat ourselves to good new music.

And as we say that, we’d like to bring to you some exciting stuff. With AGAT’s new album “New Under The Sun”, we think many hours of this quarantine period will be put to best use!

The funky, uplifting album has 8 incredible tracks which are nothing like you’ve listened to in the recent past. From the spooky “Falling”, to “Truth Is’, which is led by some heavy rock influences, the track impresses on and all.

With the upbeat “I Can Handle It”, AGAT has infused some incredible bass work backed infective vocals. With the variations in tempo, the track will have you craving for more. “Turn The Wheel” brings in a good retro vibe, that is led by an addictive bass line. The vocals on this are the real highlight – keeping you hooked right till the end!

“I’ve Done It Again”, is what you’d like to listen to soothe yourself down – thanks to the light vocals and a simple bass line. “Gimme Gimme”, also has some captivating drum works, exuding a rock fragrance, while still keeping up its trippy vibe.

“Big Shot” starts off in a vintage fashion, instantly bringing a smile on your face! As you venture into the track, many creative elements surface, that walk a very fine line that brings together electronic music and rock. The violin works are a big plus on this track! “Fantasy” is truly one that will enable you to live your fantasy in your mind, as you listen to it. It can soothe you to leave you uplifted – a much needed shift in the playlist.

The final one “I Got It All”, shifts in trajectory from the flat plains to exciting peaks once again!

We love it, what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Pavan Kumar



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