Airwave’s In The Mix – Progressive Sessions 007 out now!

airwave progressive sessions

Airwave brilliantly networks 28 tracks into 150 mind-expanding minutes of progressive eminence.

After a solid run for over three years now, the In The Mix – Progressive Sessions series is back with the 007 edition.

With 28 intense tracks, the ITM007 compilation, compiled by the Belgian producer, Airwave, is now out and displays the mixing skills of the producer in a grand fashion. Coming out in 2 parts of fourteen tracks each, the album sees music from the likes of Eelke Kleijn, Eric Lune, Juan Sapia, Gai Barone, Austin Pettit and many more.

The first part opens with “Elixier” by Pranav Mayekar, which offers a melodic display of music and is largely atmospheric in nature. The pattern continues on the part-1 tracks as we come across tracks like “Benji” by Eric Lune, “The Calling” by Eelke Kleijn, “Lonely Mountain” by Juan Sapia, and Airwaves own tracks “Gravy Train” and “Bliss”. Offering a deep, groovy and musically rich music, this part of the ITM007 definitely lights us the space its played in.

While the first half sees music that will settle you down in bliss, the second half will get a little more upbeat and sets your feet on the move. With tracks like “Attraction” from Airwave himself, “Timelapse” by Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor, “Nightride” by Austin Pettit, “Adsum” by Van Czar, and many more, the music is bound to give you a euphoric feeling from within.

Laurent Veronnez is a Brussels-born producer who is an incredibly gifted musician. Influenced by the 80′s and 90′s sounds and by greats such as Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Orbital, Oliver Lieb and BT, he honed his skills in music knowledge and technology. Laurent would then see demos picked up by the infamous Bonzai imprint in 1996 and the stunning Airwave – “I Want To Believe” was released. In 1998 this was picked up by many top DJ’s including Sasha and Oakenfold and later on by an up and coming DJ, Tiesto. Airwave’s sound was and still is prominent in the UK and Dutch trance scene and this has helped a host of today’s top DJ’s be where they are now.

Having been one of the many influential acts, he has always been honest with his take on music and draws immense respect from his peers. His fan base is one that’s been with him from a long time, in a committed manner and the ITM007 is a good enough reason to understand why he’s so popular.

Download the album here.

Pavan Kumar


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