AL/SO Gives Us A Rundown Of His Favourite Tracks On Spotify

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Drum & bass producer AL/SO, and events brand / record label Korsakov bossman, has just unleashed a four-track EP which stands as his first ever debut solo package and it is a testament to how eclectic his production really is.

Taking you through the motions with metal influences and a range of collaborators the Dutch native flexes his talent from start to finish. And having already joined forces with the likes of Akov, High Maintenance and Sovryn, the ‘Toaster Bath’ EP takes his music to the next level.

Following its release last week, AL/SO gave us a rundown of what he’s been spinning in his Spotify playlists this month. You can check out his selections as well as the ‘Toaster Bath’ EP below:

1. Delta Heavy ft. Modestep (Here With Me) – The Prototypes Remix

Probably my favourite drum & bass tune of all time, literally everything about this screams perfection. This is the level of tune I aspire to make every time I open Ableton. Or the next one. One day!

2. Metrik – We Are The Energy

The greatest tune on the greatest album of the year. Metrik was already elite before this album but this is just taking the piss. It’s either this or the last tune that I always try to reach in terms of levels. The energy, the production, the music. Ugh. Perfection.

3. AL/SO – Brace Yourself ft. Tom Vernon & Gid Sedgwick

Can’t keep myself out of my own playlist now can I? This tune was a LONG road, we must have had 40 versions all quite different. Took me ages to get the mix right but the talents of Tom (guitars) and Gid (vocals) have really elevated this to something unique. Probably my favourite own tune so far.

4. Cliques – Heaven

Everything about this tune is beautiful. When I heard this it inspired me to start at least 5 seperate melodic tunes that are all getting finished. Love the Cliques clique, they are probably the best newcomers this year for me.

5. Fat Boy Slim – Right Here Right Now (Friction & Killer Hertz Remix)

Right Here Right Now is a fully unremixable untouchable classic and any attempt at remixing it should be killed in it’s tracks. It’s not possible to improve on it in any way shape or form. Yet somehow these guys did it. How? HOW???? It’s not fair.

6. Droptek – Time Travel

I can’t get enough of this, it’s quite possibly my favourite tune on my label. It’s the most stupendous production for sure. It’s just so ridiculously ridiculous and huge and sick, it has to be in here. Droptek built his own plugin just to get the desired effect on the lead, talk about levels!

7. Joe Ford – Where Is The Sun

He might take all the plaudits for his heavy neuro but this to me epitomises the musician, Joe Ford. The combination of sound design and musicality is unrivalled in this. Set staple, masterpiece, the works.

8. Coppa – Fuel ft. Tom Sutcliffe

I’ve been slowly pushing Korsakov Music into the dancefloor realms, and this entire EP was a big step in that direction. The opener is my pick of the bunch, a musical masterpiece from start to finish.

9. High Maintenance & AL/SO – Party Every Day

The biggest tune off my debut, still being rinsed by basically everybody around the world, which is unreal. Me and the big man Mr. Maintenance might have a few new tunes coming soon…

10. MUZZ – Spectrum

Talk about an inspiration. Getting away with epic intros like this is the dream. Everything about this sounds bigger, better and cooler than your music. Because it is. Drum & bass perfection. His magnum opus in a longstanding career full of massive anthems.

Hannah Helbert


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