ALB Drops the Voyage EP on Ram Records

ALB Voyage EP

From Ram Records must-have 2021 annual through to his debut single ‘The One’, ALB has made his impact on the label within a very short time frame.

A new era of producer, he’s about to announce a four-track EP which encapsulates his journey on the Ram Records moniker so far.

The title-track is first to make an appearance on ALB’s ‘Voyage EP’ alongside floanastasia, with the long-time collaborator adding her emotive vocalisations into the mix, meanwhile ‘Spaced Out’ moves you through its motions in a laid-back fashion. Fan favourite ‘Breathing Space’ follows suit, whilst the skipping drum sequences of ‘Distant’ draws the curtains. It’s another awe-inspiring feat from ALB, once more proving his place amongst Ram’s camp, one which has stretched across nearly three decades.

Hannah Helbert


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