[ALBUM] Cosmic Gate: Materia – Chapter One


The clock’s struck 12, the countdown’s over and your wait is done! Chapter.One of ‘Materia’ – Cosmic Gate’s planetary new artist album, is available from today.

‘Materia’ (Mātěrĭa – Latin. Fem. Noun. Decl.): base, matter, essence, the substance that all things are made of).

‘Materia’s maiden chapter (already a MIXMAG album of the month!) presents a mouthwatering co-production array. Comprised of nine recordings, it abounds with tracks in partnership with Cosmic cohorts both established and new! You’ll quickly find ‘Edge Of Life’, Nic & Bossi’s Spotify-smashing (2 millions streams and counting!) latest with Californian-based singer Eric Lumiere. Marking their third outing with JES, the album weighs anchor with ‘Materia’s vanguard single ‘Fall Into You’. In both name and nature, ‘Dynamic’ is the outcome of CG’s second studio meet-up with Ferry Corsten. Melding (says DJ Mag in their 8/10 review) “grit and melody in equal proportions”, stylishly it picks right up where their autumn Spotify & chart dynamo ‘Event Horizon’ left off. Working in perfect synergy, ‘Spectrum’, their debut co-op with iLan Bluestone, is the perfect summation of the trio’s trance nuance and ingenuity.

Backed by Alastor ‘s crowd-rousing vocals ‘Fight The Feeling’s sleek, cruising trance lines brings another ready made floor-roar to ‘Materia’s tracklist. Sung by Tim White, the more daytime inclined ‘The Deep End’ meanwhile supplies the album one of its several natural born radio-wave gifts. Long on CG’s collaboration must-do list, Chapter.One’s latter stages see Julie Thompson join ‘Materia’s honour roll. The English songstress’ full vocal range burns vocal heart & soul into the hauntingly ethereal ‘Fireflies’. At Chapter One’s endzone lies the Beatport #1 ‘am2pm’ and new speaker-spanker ‘Halo’, which bring a counterweighting instrumental balance to ‘Materia’s vocal coterie. ‘Speaking’ directly to clubfloors, each carries the unmistakably tenacious hallmarks of Cosmic Gate’s production complexion.

Zero expectation management required – ‘Materia’s extraordinary trip embarks with ‘Chapter One’, which is available through all good download portals and streaming services today!!

Cosmic Gate: ‘Materia – Chapter One’ tracklist:

01. Cosmic Gate & JES – Fall Into You (3:27)
02. Cosmic Gate & Ilan Bluestone – Spectrum (Album Mix) (4:14)
03. Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Edge Of Life (Album Mix) (4:41)
04. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten – Dynamic (3:19)
05. Cosmic Gate & Alastor – Fight The Feeling (Album Mix) (5:14)
06. Cosmic Gate & Tim White – The Deep End (Album Mix) (6:00)
07. Cosmic Gate – am2pm (3:03)
08. Cosmic Gate & Julie Thompson – Fireflies (Album Mix) (4:23)
09. Cosmic Gate – Halo (Album Mix) (5:08)


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