[ALBUM] Jan Schulte – Tropical Drums Of Deutschland


Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams label has just come up with a pretty amazing concept album – a collection of personal favourites compiled by Salon Des Amateurs resident Jan Schulte aka Müller, aka Bufiman.

Entitled ‘Tropcial Drums of Deutschland’, the 13 track compilation has already received heavy tastemaker support. The album features Jan Schulte’s insane collection of ‘tropical drum’ music, of which Schulte says: “the compilation stems from a general fascination for music that describes places where the artists have never been.”

Listen to the minimix here:

Vinyl order here.

“The musicians involved were mainly traditionally schooled, born and raised in Germany. At that time to be interested in foreign folk music might have seemed a gimmick to some, what with the emerging “world music boom” already snowballing into the mainstream. Songs about the jungle or the rainforest made by people that know the rainforest only from television and books. Somehow I think you can hear their mythical imagination and fantasy in those tracks,” he explains.


1. Om Buschman – Klang Fängt An
2. Total Art Of Percussion – Wuhan Wuchang
3. Argile – Tagtraum Eines Elefanten
4. Rüdiger Opperman’s Harp Attack – Troubadix In Afrika
5. Argile – Kleine Rosa Wolke
6. Sanza – Sounouh
7. Om Buschman – Prima Kalimba
8. Drumming Birds (Bob Moses & Billy Martin) – Boat Song Pt. II
9. Ralf Nowy – Akili Mali
10. Trimopen – Wagagroove
11. Om Buschman – Hey Tata Gorem
12. Om Buschman – Hey Tata Forem (Wolf Müller Edit)
13. TCP – At The Water-Hole (Wolf Müller Edit)

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