Alesso Returns To His House Music Roots With New Release

Alesso Mixtape Progresso Volume 1

Following Alesso’s recent #1 dance single “Remedy,” this three song collection marks the first volume of an ongoing series of mixtapes the globally renowned producer plans to share with fans between major single and album releases.

“This project, for me, is about going back to my roots and making house records. I wanted to represent the culture of dance music through this mixtape. Each song is powerful and unique. It’s about telling a story of the past and the future of the genre through the music.” – ALESSO

The three-song collection finds one of the world’s most influential DJ’s, producers and all-around entertainers, returning to his progressive house roots for the first volume of an ongoing series of mixtapes he plans to share with fans between upcoming major single and album releases.

This release is also accompanied by a new video for the collection’s first focus track “TIME,” an energetic and uplifting song fusing Dance Pop and Progressive House. The new Shots Studios produced clip continues a theme seen with “Remedy,” of innocent and searching intergalactic figures – in this case, a robot boy wandering a post-apocalyptic world. Longtime Alesso fans may find hints from past-releases that signal they have been watching an interconnected universe all along.

The unveiling of the visual side of “ALESSO MIXTAPE-PROGRESSO VOLUME 1” will continue with subsequent video releases for additional new tracks “PROGRESSO” and “CONFESSION” over the next two Fridays in March.

“Confession’ is very balanced from start to finish, in my opinion,” Alesso continues to detail. “This might sound weird, but it feels like outer space to me in the way that certain sounds react with each other and create this big experience with a great pace.

‘Progresso’ starts so powerfully, and then about two minutes in, the incredible vocals come in and everything slows down. It feels like you’re floating as Ale Alberti sings ‘save me now.’ It’s beautiful & I love the way it builds back up. I can’t wait to play this one live.”


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