Alex Preston Drops Another Single, ‘All I Need’

alex preston all i need

It’s starting to feel like Autumn has well and truly arrived, with the Summer heat fading into the horizon and the days getting shorter.

However, Toolroom isn’t ready to call it a night just yet as heading back to the label is Alex Preston who drops another slice of cool funk goodness with ‘All I Need’.

A musical virtuoso and talented electronic music producer in his own right, Alex Preston typically makes heavy use of live instrumentation throughout his productions, featuring everything from live guitar and bass to brass stabs and organ chops.

This is especially prominent in his latest release ‘All I Need’, as Alex Preston trades off the sunny beaches and feel-good vibe on his previous hit ‘Love You Better’ in favour of lush sunsets and a deeper club sound.

A solid funk groover from the start, ‘All I Need’ moves at its own pace, evoking images of late-night parties kicking off just as the sun goes down. Entering the club with its stomping beat and pumping bass line, before a driving Steve Wonder inspired Clavinet lead comes in. Alex leaves his stamp on the record, dropping his signature infectiously groovy guitar riff, funked out to the max with the use of a wah pedal for added effect.

Alex Preston is an artist who keeps stepping up his game with every release, and ‘All I Need’ being no exception to this. Another killer release from the Sydney native who has smashed it on this one, so make sure you roll your windows down and turn the volume up as this is a record made for late night cruising.


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