ALWZ SNNY Announces Release Of New Single ‘Fairytale’

alwz snny fairytale

American DJ and Producer ALWZ SNNY announced today the upcoming release of his new single, ‘Fairytale’, which will be available for download and streaming on April 1st.

The song, which is a collaboration between the artist and hip-hop creator Sincerely Collins, will debut with a live performance at Solarfest on April 2nd in Douglas, Arizona.

The single features ALWZ SNNY’s iconic eclectic mix of genres, heavily influenced by EDM and infused with hip-hop, folk, and future pop.

‘Fairytale’ starts off slow with an emphasis on a guitar-based melody and auto-tuned vocals before transitioning to a dominant EDM and mainstage type drop. The song then goes back and forth between these two styles in a seamless yet tantalizing way before ending on an upbeat note.

This is not the first collaboration between ALWZ SNNY and Sincerely Collins; they have worked together a number of times including on a recent single, Glow, which was released earlier this year. Accompanying the latest release will be a new music video with a glittering gold theme, featuring ALWZ SNNY, in his signature mask, as well as Sincerely Collins.

“This is definitely my favorite release to date,” commented ALWZ SNNY. “This song reminds me of something out of a Disney movie, Collins vocals take you to an enchanted place. I could see a sea of people at festival singing along to this song”

In addition to his appearance at Solarfest, ALWZ SNNY will have several upcoming events in April including headlining SNNY’s Spring Fling at The Original Cancun Cantina in Maryland, and performing at Florida Tech and Northbeach in Dewey Beach, DE.


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