ALWZ SNNY Releases New Single “I’ll Be Alive”

alwz snny i'll be alive

American DJ and Producer ALWZ SNNY announced the release of his latest single entitled “I’ll Be Alive.”

The Fall release comes after a busy summer for the artist, who not only released two hit singles but also hosted SNNY NITES, a sold-out electronic dance music concert featuring a powerhouse lineup of DJs performing to a packed crowd.

“I’ll Be Alive” features ALWZ SNNY’s iconic multi-genre sound, a unique feature that truly epitomizes the artist. The song starts out with synthesizer keys and emotional strings to set the foundation.

The vocals layer in to add a euphoric festival feel and all the elements build to a main stage drop with an explosive EDM percussion track. The resulting combination is an understated yet powerful tune that transcends just one specific genre.

The song lyrics tell the story of a soul embracing life, not looking back, and seeking to live each moment. Accompanying the release of the song is a music video directed by JDFilms which interprets the lyrics as a real-world game of Monopoly. In the video, game pieces are brought to life including characters such as the banker, the car and the boat. The artist makes an appearance in the video in his typical sunshine mask with three smiles symbolizing life is about having fun.


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