Ame/Laroc Club Creator Silvio Soul Releases New Single ‘Be A King’

silvia soul be a king

Brazillian house dignitary Silvio Soul returns to his own Soul Soul Records for a profoundly unique single.

Blending his own melodic house mastery with the uplifting instrumentation of Brazillian rock outfit Rosetta T., ‘Be a King’ stands out as an unparalleled crossover track with an immediately broad appeal. ‘Be a King’ is out now on all streaming platforms via the newly-launched Soul Soul Records.

‘Be A King’ opens firmly grounded in the melodic house space as Silvio Soul layers percussion and atmospheric synths to set the tone. Slowly, Rosetta T.’s rock influence begins to show, first subtly with a gorgeous harmonic guitar riff. Soon, lead vocalist Armando Neto arrives to provide his highly emotive lyricism, meshing seamlessly with the dense production. As more light guitar and delicate synths work in, ‘Be a King’ begins to settle into a calm and mesmeric groove. However, at the second chorus the single erupts into a joyous combination of Soul’s powerful production and Neto’s soaring performance. Eventually, ‘Be A King’ slows to a tranquil close as it began, instilling a newfound hope and optimism into listeners.

Silvio Soul (aka Silvio Soldera) is known across Brazil as one of the most prominent DJ/producers and entrepreneurs in the country. Locally, he’s stamped his name on the club scene thanks to his globally renowned sister clubs AME and Laroc (ranked 18th in DJ Mag’s “Best 100 Clubs In The World”). In addition to his roles as the creator and artistic director of both AME and Laroc, he also commands a highly sought-after residency spot at both clubs. After 20 years of club experience, Soul released his debut LP ‘Temple’ in 2020, a stunning house record that draws heavily on his mastery over a club setting. In addition to his personal discography, Soul has overseen the wildly successful AME Records, guiding the label to a lengthy and revered tenure. Recently, Soul launched his second record label Soul Soul Records in an effort to continue fostering the connection between the fans and rising producers by focusing on unique songs and intriguing mixing styles in a creative new imprint.


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